GST 111:Use of English Term Paper Topics
(1) The effect of cold war on mondern Democracy (2) The prospect of ste research in human development (3)History and evolution of third world countries (4)Terrorism and the reality of a new world order (5)Migration,Emigration and National Identity in contemporary societies. N/B:Write on any of the topics Not more than five pages Deadline for submission to class leaders:Friday April 26th 2019 and saturday April 27th 2019 to the cordinator at the language resource center. OFFICE OF THE COORDINATOR, GST 211 TERM PAPER(ALL GROUPS) FOR REGULAR STUDENTSSelect a unique business idea pitch in writing defending your business idea. The write up should include but not limited to:1. A clear business description of your business idea. 2. A need or societal problem your idea will address. 3. Identification and assessment of of your possible competitions. 4. Highlights of your ideas superiority to those of your competitors. 5. Possible hindrances to the success of your idea. 6. Benefits of your idea to the various stakeholders; (a) Investors (b) You (c) Society (d) Government and so on. Note a “pitching” exercise you are expected to understand the principles of pitching business idea. Submission Date not later than 14th May,2019. NOTE: Plagiarism will be penalized. Course: GST112 (Philosophy and Human Existence) Nature of work: 10 pages Maximum(including cover page and work cited/references pages). Typewritte Topics:1. EXAMINE THE RELEVANCE OF LOGIC TO YOUR DISCIPLINE. 2. THE ROLE OF INDUCTION IN KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION 3. THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN POWER AND AUTHORITY 4. PHILOSOPHY AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 5. DISCUSS THE RELEVANCE OF CORRECT REASONING TO HUMAN EXISTENCE 6. DISCUSS HOW GOVERNMENT POLICIES CAN ADVANCE INDIGENOUS SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT 8. DISCUSS THE VIEW THAT ANY PERSON THAT CAN THINK, REFLECT, APPRECIATE OR LIKE ANYTHING MAKES A VALUE JUDGEMENT. 9. DISCUSS THE PLACE OF KNOWLEDGE IN HUMAN EXISTENCE. 10. THE REALITY OF AFRICAN LOGIC. Please Note: Your work is unique to you alone – No copyrights infringements, No Plagiarism! No deviations from the subject matter. Hurry!! Place your order now! Submission Date: 3RD & 4th May, 2019
Materials: Available Price: Negotiable Contact: 08162174443, 09027113199 Do call any of the numbers above to place an order for the complete materials on any topic (from abstracts to references) and your order will be delivered to you in no time within the following campuses: Uniuyo Main Campus (Permanent site), Uniuyo Town Campus, Ikpa Road and Uniuyo Annex Campus, Ikpa Road. However, if you happen not to be within the school environment but are in need of the materials, you can contact us we’ll have the soft copy (PDF and DOC file extensions) delivered to you via, e-mail Also available are complete, ready-made and authentic materials for the other topics at Student-friendly prices:
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