The World's New Population, Gain or Loss For Men? 1

The World’s New Population, Gain or Loss For Men?

There is a serious need for women all over the world to be extra careful with the way and manner at which they relate with men. According to a recent report by the United Nation’s Demography for 2019, the World population has hit 7.8billion and women are twice the numbers of men.

The report shows that men are outnumbered by the enormous population of women around the world, a total number of women is 5.6 billion while men are just 2.2 billion.

Women need to soothsayer or counsellor to advise them to be careful in giving attitudes to the available men because the report just proved that the world has more women than men.

Breakdown of the number of men available for marriage in the entire population of men is just one billion, according to the report, 1 billion are married already, about 130,000 are in prison and 20,000 are suffering from psychosis. Literally, the population of women that hit at 5.6 billion only have 1 billion men who are available for marriage.

Also out of the 1 billion available for marriage, statistics show that about 50 per cent of them are jobless, 3 per cent are gay, 5 per cent are Catholic priests and 10 per cent are relatives to each woman on earth while the remaining 35 per cent are above 66 years of age.

Oops… what is your take on the statistics, is it a gain for guys to have as many ladies they want to have?

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