The patriotism (Nigeria) 1

The patriotism (Nigeria)

The game of football is both an art and science. It involves techniques of running, passing, kicking, tackling, blocking, heading, juggling and dribbling. Often all these activities have to be performed at great speed. Though these skills are very important but it should not be forgotten that it is a team game and the players have to work together in offense or defense. Therefore a player must develop his skills and understanding for his contribution as per the demands of the game. The game of football has physical challenges. Though two players may be equal in their skills but because of different physical and mental response, there can be much difference in their performance. A player must be quick in assessing a situation and in his response. A forward has to decide between pass and shot, defender between marking and covering and a goalkeeper whether to defend, keep standing at the goal or to run forward or sideways.

        A player may specialize to play in a particular place. It is better if he develops skills necessary for other positions. All players should be aware of both the attacking and defensive principles of game and a player must learn from his own observations and mistakes. Football is a game of constant action and requires continuous adaptation to the changing situations, by the team as a whole as well as by each individual player.         Though it is a team game, but there is still ample room for players to display their brilliance through each skill during the game. At international level football matches tend to attract millions of people to watch them. The game is fast, beautiful, unpredictable and exciting. Among the many reasons that makes the game attractive is scoring of goals during 90 minutes, golden time, penalty shootout, and sudden death.

Football is a game of numbers and a stroke of luck. The Russia 2018 World cup has shown a lot of drama and surprises. Not only do I love the excitements that come along with it, I also love the pressure and the spirit of unity during celebration of goals.

Yesterday see a lot of Nigeria having different opinion about what might be the outcome of the world cup match between Iceland and the super eagles. Some said the super eagles are heading for a lose or draw while others belief strongly that the team will win and it will be convincingly.

I join those millions of Nigerian that believed in positivity and patriotism. In the spirit of oneness, I stay assured even if the tide was ranging against my confidence but I stay resolute about the positivity coming out afterwards. After the first 45minutes of action where the super eagles dominated but didn’t have any shot of target, the tactical team were able to bring in their technicality making a timely substitution and turning the match around with a more minded attacking movement which lead to series of created chances.

Eventually, the deadlock was broken and over 180million Nigerians/African was able to celebrate. The victory was sweet and allowing the people to forget their anguish of the past. There are a lot of take home lesson that could be seen in this match. It’s no longer about winning the match afterwards but more about patriotism, commitment and the spirit of unity.


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