Solo Travel for Introverts

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Discover the art of solo travel for introverts! Find tips, destinations, and strategies to make your solo journey a rewarding and comfortable experience. Embrace the world at your own pace.

Contrary to the popular opinion that being an introvert is a synonym for being shy (while it’s true that some introverts are shy), more often than not, it just means they like their own company and always want to travel alone. This is why we’ve summed up some amazing tips that will guide you on your solo trip.

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According to and, solo travel means the tourist going somewhere else alone, and during their trip, they choose and decide everything, such as services, activities, and places, based on their individual needs.

Solo travel is the type of travel that draws towards individual experiences, but it doesn’t mean being completely self-sufficient. It’s a situation where the tourists make their own decisions. However, they will need a partial service from a package tour by a tourism agency. 

Who Is An Introvert?

Being an introvert or extrovert is not a black-and-white personality trait. The basic difference between these two is that introverts draw energy from recharging alone, while extroverts draw energy from recharging with others. They both go on solo vacations, and, to a huge extent, they enjoy socializing, but on their own terms. Everyone falls along a spectrum between these two categories, and one-third of the global population is more introverted than extroverted, so it’s farfetched.

Solo Vacation Tips for Introverts

Always decide on the type of trip that’s best for you

Not everyone can handle cruise travel, backpacking trips, or fully guided vacations. So, try and be honest about the types of trips that you actually enjoy. There are different types of trips to suit every personality and taste.

As an introvert who wants to go on a solo trip, you should consider places that encourage introspection and solitude. Like beach retreats, mountain escapes, luxury ranches, or long road trips that provide plenty of time alone to observe and reflect.

Choose travel companions wisely.

If you’re an introvert who likes time alone but doesn’t want to travel alone, then it’s important you choose traveling companions that you’ll have full control of and can set your own pace.

Traveling with like-minded travelers is key, but remember that the people you travel with can make or break your experience, so choose travel companions wisely. However, if you’re traveling with loved ones, friends, or a large group, you can still find time to excuse yourself and recharge. Just let your travel companions know that you might need some alone time during the trip so they will not take it personally when you do. When you are on a solo vacation, the best way to claim some alone time is by taking a walk, getting a spa treatment, or relaxing on a hotel balcony.

Scope out introvert-friendly activities.

Remember, so many solitary activities can allow introverts to process a new environment without too much stimulation. You can consider guided architecture walks, audio tours, independent discoveries at art museums, and window shopping if you travel to the city. Also, activities like fishing, hiking, biking, walking, and even snorkeling are good for Introverts on solo vacations.

As an introvert, I personally like to walk around the city to get a feel for the street scenes and beautiful culture.

Choose easy accommodation

As they say, “The place always decides the vibe”. So deciding where to stay is an essential step as your accommodation will eventually make your trip a great one or an unpleasant experience.

As an introvert on a solo trip, I recommend you choose a hostel/homestay. It will help you meet new people and make new friends because nobody wishes to be stuck in a boring, cramped stop on a vacation trip, especially when you travel alone. So, try and make it easy for the introvert inside you.

Best Solo Travel Destinations for Space, Silence, and Solitude.

If you love getting lost in the anonymity of an unknown city or maybe a solitary mountain retreat sounds like heaven to you, and you are comfortable dining alone, these are some of the best places to visit.


Finland is known to be the most introverted nation in the world, dotted with lakes, forests, and snowy peaks. If you are a nature lover and like to travel alone, this is the best destination for you. In my experience, Finns are nice, welcoming people, but they won’t engage you unless you relate.


Take a solo road trip in the Land of Fire and Ice with stunning scenery safe and friendly locals. Every tourist will recommend Iceland for a solo getaway. You can easily rent an RV and travel around the countryside.


If you want to go off-grid, Scotland is the ideal place to visit, with history-packed cities, remote islands, and rugged highlands. Scotland is a perfect destination for solo vacations and is known for its stark and silent beauty.


For next-level solo dining, try to venture outside Europe and be rewarded with innovations that European introverts can only dream of. I call Tokyo, Japan, an introvert’s paradise because of the famous ramen chain Ichiran Ramen. It is designed so that you never have to interact with anyone.

South Korea

Another East Asian nation that I would highly recommend for a solo vacation is South Korea.

Seoul is straightforward to navigate via subways, the city is extremely safe, and the people there tend to keep to themselves even if drunk and passed out in the middle of the street at night. There’s also “lots of solo stuff to do alone, like patronizing the street food and solo karaoke. Also, English is spoken or written in most places.


Solo traveling can be compelling, but that decision requires strong guts and high spirits, especially as an introvert. It actually requires you to take the first step, even when it gets tough and cumbersome. But always trust your instincts, and you’ll meet with some amazing people and experience it when you travel alone.


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