Shocking!! Akpabio Announces his actual number of children

Shocking!!! Akpabio Announces His Actual Number of Children on Live TV In the Presence of His Wife. The Senator emphasized that he has just one child, the boy that his wife Unoma gave birth to.

5 Possible Explanations for this loud announcement, which you can hear clearly from the video.

1. It is either the Ex-governor has denounced the 4 female children that he and his wife frequently appeared with in time past (latest in his long list of controversies),

2. or he has so little value for female children that he does not count them as children (a culture that women have to unite against),

3. or he forgot they were his children (which is most unlikely considering his emphasis on the topic),

4. or he was deceiving the APC stalwarts listening to him (APC’s migraine).

5. Or he was intoxicated or drunk throughout the rally (his comical displays at the event confirm this).

Hear him; “some of you are very lucky to have many children. I have only one…”

This statement is not to be dismissed as a mistake…

Maybe he’s now talking like an APC member 😂😂

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