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Rev’d Richard Peters, the good governance advocate, Priest and the State Coordinator of Noble Youths Mass Support Association (NYMSA), Akwa Ibom State Chapter has advised the good people of Akwa Ibom State to stay calm and be law abiding and avoid putting the State in a media war with any person or group of persons who feels the state belongs to them.

He pointed out that the State has a political zoning system that has existed for ages and this political system is a rotatory system that is being participated among the three (3) Senatorial Districts of the State.

The said system has so far produced the likes of Obong Victor Attach, from Uyo senatorial district, who governed the State meritoriously for 8 solid years of abundance and blessings, Senator Godswill Akpabio from Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District who for eight(8) good years lead the State through the period of Uncommon Transformation and now His Excellency Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel from Eket Senatorial district who has in few years in office has turned the State around in different sectors of our economy and now the State under his administration is now industrialized and he is about to complete the first four(4) years and awaiting to be sworn in for a second term after the election come 2019, further more he has continued in leading the State through the period of superlative, industrialize revolution which the state has been taken to the global world of the industrialization.

The State has enjoyed relative peace, harmony and progress ever since he clinched power as the governor.

This political system that has existed for ages, I always anchored by one person, therefore it is a fruitless mission for some people to say that another person will complete the 8years rotation and slot of Eket Senatorial district, what ever reason such thoughts should emerge doesn’t in anyway a concern of Akwa Ibom people.

Rev’d Peters maintained that all the youths, women and every individual who are politically conscious and mentally sound should not in any way stand on the road of Mr. Udom Emmanuel from being reelected as the governor in 2019 to balance the existing zoning political system that the previous Governors benefited.

The system has so far helped to re-shape the destiny and the socio-economic activities of the State, and it has strengthened our democracy.

The political system enjoyed in the State has further created a socio ethnic/economic transformation and corporation in the State.

Peace, progress and prosperity has been enjoyed, achieved by the simple adoption of this political system.

Rev.d Richard advised Akwa Ibom people to rise to the faith of greatness in good their numbers using their voices and take up their sword of defense which is their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) to say NO to any person or group of persons that shall want to truncate the existence of peace, development, transformation and prosperity of the State.

To restrategize, plan and take action that will further strengthen our democracy and not destroy it.

He also advised the All Progressive Congress (APC) particularly Akwa Ibom State Chapter to be mindful on their way of operation lest they incur the wrath of Akwa Ibomites.
Therefore all the youths, women and every sane individual should rise up and stand with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ably led by His Excellency Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel.

He further said that he respects the interest of every individual especially those who seeks to belong to any political party and warned that it should not in any way cause any unnecessary rumpus in the State.

He called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to immediately order the EFCC to unfreeze the account of Akwa Ibom State Government as this act is not only unconstitutional but a deliberate attempt to rubbish our democracy before the international community.

He charged the governor not to be perturbed by the political jump ship currently going on in Akwa Ibom and Nigeria that the almighty God has mandated him to continue to lead Akwa Ibom forward into more greater glory.

He further charged the Peoples Democratic Party to be more proactive and carry everyone along so to be able to preach the good messages of the party to the people.


Regina Edem

Asst. Director of information to Rev Richard Peters.

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