Questions smart people don't ask 1

Questions smart people don’t ask

There are many things that make communication perfect. Asking question makes unclear things get clarified which makes communication perfect. However, there are questions you need to ask while others are self-explanatory. Furthermore, there are questions that will portray your inner fears, doubts, and dissatisfaction.

Here are questions smart people don’t ask:

Will I succeed?
Smart people never ask this question. They believe that success comes from their hard work. They work hard and smart and results come later. Success to them is not dependent on how they feel but how they work.

Why me?
They believe that everything happens for a reason. When something happens to them at a certain time, they take it positively and work ways out of it. They don’t ask why me as they know it’s their time for it.
Will other people approve of it?
They don’t care what people say about something they are doing provided it’s something good. Not all people see well in you even when you are always good. Their work is not to please anyone but themselves.

When will this end?
They believe everything has a start and an end. Whenever something comes their way, they give it time knowing one day it will end. Smart people know everything has a time frame, but they work on ways to make bad things end faster.

Does this person like me?
When they want to strike a deal, they don’t care whether a person who they strike it with likes them or not. They care more about the fidelity in the deal. They care more about how the deal goes down.

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