Why I Abandoned My TV: Preventing a mental breakdown during this pandemic

No doubt, news of the novel corona virus (pandemic) has saturated our little globe in a rather horrifying manner; inducing an overload of fear and worry, even on the man who isn’t a victim. It’s either one hears how the death toll isn’t decreasing or how the so-called concerned professionals proposes that the number of infected cases is expected to rise subsequently.

The Covid-19 which has abruptly caused a slow down in the economy has also affected some people metal alertness. The Covid-19 disease has caused fear and grieve in the heart of so many people or even family at large.

The bad news seems just not to go anywhere, anytime soon.
So why place yourself on an everyday diet of anxiety? Is there any broadcast that is any different now? Same old sad news every now and then. Although we pray for a cure, really, really soon.


Nonetheless, it is imperative that we understand that the negative impact of the pandemic on our psyche is far greater than any gratification or enlightenment that we might hope to get from it.


Let me tell us a little story, to explain better.

I liked being a very informed person; to be well aware of whatever goes on around me, and in the country, and I still am. So obviously I always wanted to know the latest about the virus. My ears were always on the ground, my eyes constantly on the TV, watching and hearing the same heart-wrenching news, everyday.

But at certain periods, I started noticing the surge of jittery and apprehensiveness that were clouding my mind. Infact, consequently I started feeling sick, literally.

Whenever I coughed or sneezed, or felt unusually fatigue, I wondered if I was a victim already. Though it’s true that not every patient die from the virus, but I was slowly slipping into depression for no just reason at all, yet my only sickness was my reckless exposure to the ever revolving plethora of the virus’s news.

And I’m sure that some of us who spend much time on the news must have experienced this uneasiness one way or the other too. You know, when you feel a mild headache, or have a dry throat – probably sore, and you immediately become super alarmed. You start imagining scary things; what’s worse, you begin to assume yourself in an isolation centre, or even dead – with your loved ones standing very far from your potentially harmful corpse, ha-ha. But the (insane) truth is that you were never sick at all. That was just your mind responding to the overdose of the sorry news you constantly fed it.

Although the shocking fact is that one can actually fall sick for this sort of exposure. Data available suggests that when people leave themselves unguarded to bad news; consistently, they tend to go into mental stress disorder, and/or depression. They wouldn’t be able to think as straight as before as the news has registered in their subconscious already, and all they might feel is unimaginable worry and fear. The news of the American 9/11 bombing and how it affected people was once a case study, and it had a terrible impact on their mental health.

They say that the pandemic isn’t a death sentence, and truly it isn’t. So let’s just keep the guidelines: hand washing/sanitizing, keeping social distance, wearing facemasks et cetera, without been over-conscious about it; as that could also breed fear, and focus on the possibility of a cure, rather than sentencing ourselves to an unnecessary harmful mental saga, for no just reason.

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