Pampering Your Feet; Secrets to a Soft and Smooth Feet

Did you know that your feet have about 26 joints and bones supporting it? This aids to carry the body’s weight and functions in running, standing, moving from one place to another, and balancing.


As an essential part of your body, the feet need utmost care and attention, having a Soft and Smooth Feet. When considering the condition of your feet, it is important to note if it’s strong, gives you comfort and it’s healthy.

Come to think of it, when was the last time you actually pampered your feet and gave them some attention? Your face shouldn’t be the only thing you should be proud to show off. As women who care about how we look, we should be concerned and intentional about our overall beauty routine and that includes our feet too.


Aren’t you tired of hiding your feet in sneakers and cover shoes yet? In order to have strong and healthy feet with maximum comfort, we should be able to let them have some fresh air and this can only be possible if we let them out of sneakers. I know it might be embarrassing to display your cracked, dry and rough feet. But you can actually have them displayed with a simple feet care routine. Skincare routine will give you the perfect smooth and attractive feet ready for display.

We’ve taken the burden to simplify these routines for you. This way, you can have that amazing experience that comes with your feet care routine and have a rewarding soft and Smooth Feet and softer and confident feet you desire.

  1. Give your feet a bath

Get a bowl and have it filled with warm water. Add your favourite fragrance into the water and let your feet soak for about 5-10 minutes. Ideally, your choice of fragrance should be one with skin hydrating properties. Relax and experience the soothing effect that comes with this routine.

2. Remove dead cells

With your feet thoroughly soaked, i.e while it’s still moist, reach for your sugar scrub and apply it on your heels and other rough areas while paying more attention to your toes and the sides of your feet. Do this for about ten minutes and then wash off.

3. Remove the calluses

Calluses are the hardest parts of your feet. Harden feet are as a result of pressure and friction. This is normally found on your heels, the ball of the big toe and the big toe itself. To take care of this, take a foot file or a pumice brush and carefully brush callused skin off. Apply moisturizing lotions or cream to it. Be mindful that the moisturizing lotions or cream should contain urea, salicylic acid or ammonia lactate.

Once you have your feet moisturized with cream or lotions, you should find a comfortable position to place them. Placing them up will allow your toes, heels and soles to be fully hydrated. Now, this is where you’ll sit back and enjoy yourself with a book or log into your social media account. If it’s at night, you can simply put on your socks and sleep comfortably in them.

4. Consider a pedicure

I know what you’re thinking. This foot routine is indeed a pedicure. But in order to make it complete, you should go ahead and have your toenails painted. Pick a colour you’ll be confident in.

Remember this is a routine, you will have to do it weekly in order to maintain its softness and smoothness. This way, anytime you have the urge to display those feet, you’ll slip into your flip-flops and hit the road.

Try this and see how this little negligence when given attention makes a whole lot of difference by having a Soft and Smooth Feet

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