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This study analyzed the Online food Shopping in Nigeria. It was an attempt to put together a picture of what online food shopping in Nigeria looks like as one whole. It therefore considered the various works of other writers as a basis for a literary and descriptive presentation. From a background of definitions, history and trends of Online food shopping in the world and Nigeria, the paper highlighted the advantages and disadvantages, the size and the economic base of Nigeria as well as internet usage and the involvement of the Nigerian online shoppers.

Frontline Online shops including Jumia, Konga, DealDey, etc., were identified. It was found out thatNigeria is a fast growing and progressive nation and a fertile online market for ecommerce investment. Gender, Age (youths), higher level of Education and higher Income were found to have a positive relationship with online shopping. Though the argument on gender is still on, analysis on purchase by product categories seem to favour the female. Major challenges include among others Security, Internet scam, poor infra-structure, cash payment after delivery, etc. Also, highlighted was the Nigerian shoppers buying pattern. Nigerian online shoppers were found to be good and sophisticated ahead of other African countries.

However, ecommerce including online shopping in Nigeria was still being viewed as being in its infantile stage. The large and rapidly growing population of Nigeria, the rapid growth of internet usage and online shopping culture, the rising number of Micro, Small and Medium scale Enterprises (MSMEs) that are springing up and embracing the ecommerce market system together with Government proposal to improve internet services were all seen as encouraging indices for a better economy and a promising market for investors in the ecommerce industry.

The paper encouraged investors and also presented a step-by-step instruction for new and still-nervous online shoppers.

Keywords: online shopping, advantages and disadvantages, internet usage etc.

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