My Suicidal Kitchen Experience …Never cook beans with heavy eyes.

Ever had that one moment in all your cooking experience that you would wish to erase? Or perhaps a personal ugly event in the kitchen that makes you think, “O, this is God giving me a second chance at life” – and all that. Well, you surely wouldn’t be the first.


Buildings have been brought to ashes because of one or two costly mistake(s) in the kitchen; mayhap a gas leak, or an uncensored stove/gas fire. In-fact, people have spilled their own blood in the kitchen because they missed the onion and chopped their skins, and et cetera. Nonetheless, these experiences are never hoped for, but sadly, they come in one way or another.

My own uneventful kitchen experience (ordeal) isn’t far-fetched from the host of many, but for me, it’s a memory I’ll beg to forget, and a testimony I’ll ever remember.

I had just returned from a never-ending day at school, and what’s worse, I hadn’t had any descent meal that day, safe for the fries I purchased not long before noon. So I was greatly famished and very, very tired at the same time. I got to my apartment at some minutes past 8pm, and the only surviving palatable material in my kitchen was a half yellow custard rubber of beans.


Now we all know the drill about preparing beans, and we know that it isn’t a process for a dying man because of the extreme character of patience one must have if s/he wants the best from this member of the Febaceae family.

I wanted to just go to bed as I feared that I might not keep awake until the meal was ready, but I was all too hungry to sleep well – so with heavy eyes I washed and mounted four cups of beans on the blazing gas cylinder and in-order to stay awake, I sat beside the fire. But in a few minutes I got tired and went back to the bed and started watching a movie on my phone. Obviously to keep my eyes open.

Well guess what? Yes, you guessed right! I slept off almost instantly, and the next time I woke was from a heavy knock on my door by a neighbour by 4am in the morning. Hmm, the beans had been boiling from around 9pm to 4am, and I wasn’t even aware, yet its burning smell had ruptured into the whole vicinity.

I was literally saved from the story of “gone too soon”.
This made me remember the advise of my mother about handling any meal at all. She had always told me first hand, that it was reckless to leave your cooking pot on fire and sleep or go somewhere else — well I suppose I’ll be the one giving that advise now as I’ve made one bitter solid example of myself.

No doubt, beans is all the way nutritious, and tasty (if well prepared), but no matter how hungry, tired or tempted you are to prepare it, never do so with sleepy eyes. You might just save yourself another day to cook it better.

This Kitchen Experience is one I’ll not forget in a long time

By Charles Nnanna

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