Personally, I hate watching movies.


  • I’m a person who place much value on time. Watching movies to me seems like a waste of time.
  • I place attention and emotions whenever I’m watching a movie, I tend to get disgusting, devastated, and sad which is most likely to ruin the rest of my dday.

“I remembered vividly when I watched a movie of a woman who plot an attack with her boyfriend to assassinate her husband; believe me, I was so angry to the point that I couldn’t eat nor talk to anyone throughout the day. I kept pondering in my heart why will a woman even think of killing her own husband despite the love and care just to be with her boyfriend. Why did she marry him in the first place if she never loved him”.

That was how I restricted myself from watching movies, so I don’t ruin my mood..

After the release of the movie Acrimony, i decided i wasn’t going to watch it but a friend of mine keep convincing me to watch the movie with reasons…

“I watched

My Experience

“I was filled with anger after watching the movie, I was emotionally disappointed”
Believe me, If you had seen me that day, you would think I was “Melinda” lol 😉

ACRIMONY, reminded me of my NCE days, I was in 200level… I fell In love with a guy (Name Undisclosed). At that time, he was 26 years old while I was 18 years old. He was a final year student from the department of Mathematics Education, very intelligent. One problem was that he never had a source of income, he didn’t even know what to do in order to produce money for himself.

Throughout the relationship;

  • Though he claim to love me, yet he never bought me any gift or even surprise me.. Yet I didn’t complain.
  • I took care of him from the little allowance I get from my parents
  • I remembered very well when he fell so sick, I thought he would die. I was so scared, I spent all my savings just to get him back to his feet again
  • I renewed his house rent when it expired cos he wasn’t able to afford it.
  • I loved him, did everything to make sure he was happy and comfortable.
  • I even gave him a job, which he refuse bluntly, saying he’s a student and should not work but concentrate on his studies

Until I became tired.


  • I never had enough money to take care of myself and my personal needs
  • He wasn’t showing any sign of appreciation despite everything I do
  • I work and school just to meet up with expenses, and it affected my grade.


Not quite long we broke up, he got a good job and started living fine… He should be married now, but I never cared anymore..

Funny!!!, isn’t it…..

Back to Acrimony!!

Acrimony explains the mistake people make in relationships, it is not just a movie.. Such things happen for real!!

Also: grow in love not fall in love

  • Melinda knew what she was going into before choosing to marry him!! For goodness sake, if she wasn’t in his life, he would have graduated from school, he would still take good care of himself while working for his battery.

Anything you decide to do for love, you do it @ your own risk.

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A man who doesn’t have a good place to live, not even a good source of income to boost his career, yet you decided to stay with him.

He didn’t change while dating, he’ll never change in marriage!!

Don’t be blind for love… Open your eyes!!

More: love is not the success of any relationship

Marriage is for better, for worse.. Since she chose to stay with someone like that, she has to face it and take the responsibility.

In life, you’re the only one in charge of the decision you make.

  • Robert was really heartless, no conscience… That woman stayed with you for 18 years…. Fed you, clothe you, took your responsibility… She loved you that was why she was so patient, she didn’t ask for anything in return.

what if the battery never worked out, will Robert remain jobless forever?? SHE IS A WOMAN FOR GOODNESS SAKE.. WOMEN ARE WEAKER VESSELS!!

Believe in your man’s dreams, it’ll make things easier for you!!

  • Why involve family members in your marital issues,?? One very big mistake lots of people make!!

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As a woman, you need to fight to keep your home, “that’s your duty” face it!! No one will do it for you… Bringing a third-party to your home destroys it.

That was the beginning of Melinda’s downfall and failure, despite knowing that her family never liked her husband from the beginning. If she needed someone to talk to, she could have seek a guidance counselor for help, that’s is the reason for their existence.

If you’re in Melinda’s shoe and you need a guidance counselor, just send us a message now!! Click here

  • Anger and unforgiving!! In my previous article, I talked about how to manage anger.. Anger is one very serious issue that needs to be addressed!!

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Some attitude we possess which is really affecting our relationship, work on yourself!!
Melinda destroyed her home, everything she worked for all because of anger and unforgiving!! For goodness sake, he begged you.. He is your husband, you should have listened to him rather than paying attention to third-parties.

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Marriage is not for babes, it’s for the matured minds!!

Questions to ask yourself before getting married

  • She endured the marriage for so long, why now!! She should have endure to the end, that is the basis for marriage!!

Getting divorced means you have no business with him anymore, don’t stalk him!!

Move on with your life!!

  • Must everything be posted on social media?? ! No doubt social media has been very useful, it has also harm us and our relationship.. Don’t expose your privacy to social media!!

Perhaps, he still went ahead to inform her of how rich he is by paying her off..

That was the most annoying thing…

What Is he paying for??…. The time wasted or his joblessness during that period??

You cannot buy time!!

She was emotionally devastated, depressed, heart broken, hurt..

The same family she run to, now mocks her…

she lost everything

She lost herself

Put yourself in her shoes, how will you feel!!

She had to revenge….

The home belongs to a woman; when the wind blows and things get tough, learn to fight on your knees….

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