Mercy Johnson finally speaks on divorce rumors! 1

Mercy Johnson finally speaks on divorce rumors!

Mercy Johnson finally speaks on divorce rumors! 2
Early this year , reports made the rounds that star actress Mercy Johnson was experiencing some turbulence in her marriage simply because she deleted all her pictures , including the ones that captured her husband , from her Instagram page .
Although the actress debunked the rumour a few days later by posting a cosy picture of her and her man , she never really addressed the issue till she spoke to Saturday Beats recently.

While chatting with Saturday Beats, she jokingly stated with a wide smile that she would never return the beautiful wedding ring her husband gave her.
“ I did not feel bad when I read the news that my marriage was hitting the rocks because it was not true. I am very comfortable in my own space and I am not out to please anybody . I am always true to myself and I continue to be a happy person . There was absolutely no problem between my husband and me , I only deleted the old pictures on my Instagram page . They were old so I deleted them to post new ones. I am not letting my husband go ; even when he is angry, I would beg him . You see these beautiful rings that he has given to me, I am never returning them , ” she said .
The mother of three further revealed that her visit to the labour room was not over as she hopes to have another child. “ I am going to have another baby very soon . I am obsessed with children and while growing up, I had always wanted to have four children , so we have to complete the equation , ” she said .
The actress who doubles as the Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Arts and Culture in Kogi State was eager to speak about her most recent project which is a movie title , ‘ The Lamb . ’ The movie which is subtitled in Igala language , tells the story of a legendary Igala princess warrior, who , despite being the pride of her father and loved by her people , had to be sacrificed for peace .
“ Not only does ‘ The Lamb , ’ stand out in terms of its plot and world -class production , it also evokes ancient memories in the most compelling manner . It is a thoroughly researched work that also brings to the fore, the ancient cultural relationship between the Igala people and the Edos . One of such initiatives is the Kogi State Diaries which seeks to harness the media as a tool for telling the story of the people of the state and showcasing their cultural diversity to a global audience . The movie is co-sponsored by the Kogi State Government and directed by Frank Rajah Arase . Quite a number of upcoming acts that participated in Governor Yahaya Bello ’ s talent hunt show also featured in the movie .

She said and I quote!!

“ It has not been easy combining my roles as an actress, representative of Kogi State , a mother and a wife but I describe myself as a home girl and everything has always been about a system of priority for me . So God comes first , my family and then work ; God and my family have to be settled before we can talk about work because when I am not happy at home, I cannot function in whatever capacity I ought to function, so I have always followed my priorities . As I speak with you , if I get a call from my kids ’ school and they inform me that something happened , I would leave everything I am doing and rush there , ” she noted .

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