Every person emits an energy field which is reflective of their spiritual nature and purity level. People vibrate on different frequencies which are dependent on their life’s experiences and mental attitude. Other aspects that affect auras are their spiritual sensitivity, past trauma, sex drive, anger levels, and much more. Once you learn how to view and read auras, you sit in an advantage point, as you can intrinsically know which people are best to befriend and learn from and which you should distance yourself from. We all know that your friends behaviour affect your own behaviour. If you roll with the wrong crowd, you will probably get into trouble yourself. This is because frequencies merge with other frequencies. Let’s take colours for example, since all colours are actually frequencies. Pull up any colour wheel and you can see that combining two colours results in a new colour. Take a Red Attitude and surround it with a Blue Attitude, and suddenly you will notice they both become more Purple. This same concept applies to Auras and the people you surround yourself with. It is advisable to be seeking companionship with people who have equal or better Aura’s than your own so their Aura affects yours in a positive way. This does NOT mean to avoid people with lower Auras, as they need help also, but when around lower Auras, make sure not to allow your aura to merge with theirs. Keep your views and convictions strong and try to be the guiding light to influence their aura to a higher level. The average aura extends about 3 feet from their body, but people who suffer from deep rooted  issues can develop much larger auras. Let’s take a look at the common colours associated with auras and their meaning: Aura Colours


A red aura usually represents a high energy person who is adventurous and will try anything once. They are usually strong and healthy and excel at sports and physical competitions. They are for the most part generous and helping people and can become very wealthy capitalizing on their strengths. They are Go-Getters who will stop at nothing to be number one. But on the negative side, they tend to be very blunt and can lack skills in sympathizing with other peoples sensitivities. They tell it like it is. They usually do not like taking orders from others and are not good team players; they would rather do it themselves. Because of these qualities and that they are hot tempered, they can often find themselves disliked and in hot water. If you’re around a Red Aura, you can gain a lot of positive qualities, but just watch out for negatives.


Yellow Auras usually emit from smart people who are logical thinkers. Their brains perception is in-tune and their comprehension skills are remarkable. But this fine-tuned brain can bring some negatives along with it. Because they understand realities well, they often become workaholics from the worries of life. When one realizes the problems life presents in full, it is easy to become stressed out and their physical health may be affected, so stress and depression can be a big burden in yellow aura people. They evaluate situations and their own life extensively, and this often leads to loneliness. This over-thinking often leads to them being over critical of themselves and others. When surrounded by yellow auras, you have a fantastic opportunity to expand your logical brain, but always keep yourself in check and remember that the right and left sides should be balanced.


Pink Auras are relatively positive auras, but they are usually caught inside the box. Although their creativity and imaginations are strong, they usually stay within the safety zone. On the positive side, they are usually very well-liked by most people. They certainly love, caring, and great family providers. Pink Auras represent an honest and giving person who loves warmth and loving company. They will have a tendency to host many family events and love family get- together. Their warmth sparks their psychic abilities and they usually have pretty good intuition skills. They are romantics, lovers, natural healers, and care about general health and wellbeing. They hate injustice and usually shine at the workplace as the “example employee”. When with Pink Auras, saturate yourself with the affectionate vibes, but don’t become afraid to step outside the box and chase after the goal.


Green Auras surround people who love beauty and nature. They are very earthy people who enjoy gardening and outdoor activities. They strive to eat healthy foods, stay fit, and maintain good health. They have a sharp eye for beauty and love sitting in front of beautiful scenery just taking it in. They have a deep appreciation for all we have been given. Green Auras represent balance and stability. They are usually perfectionists and very hard workers. Since they are loyal and honest, they usually are great advice givers. Being surrounded by Green Auras will help one slow down and appreciate life. Just make sure to balance it with life’s priorities.


Orange Auras represent confident and social people who love being the center of attention. They take pleasure in giving the biggest gift at parties and they have a way of making other people feel at ease. They are generous with resources, time, and empathy. Although they can lose their temper quickly, they are filled with forgiveness and do not hold grudges. On a negative note, besides temper, they can show impatience and rush through things resulting in sub-par results in projects and tasks. When Orange Auras are in your company, absorb the positive qualities while remembering that everyone has the right to be wrong or see things differently. Watch out for the hot temperament qualities.


Purple Auras represent good psychic abilities and an intuitive mind. They are definitely not “in the box”, but yet their focus is usually not on financial success. They much rather enjoy reading a book on spiritual subjects than marketing success. They are very in-tune with human emotions and sensitivities in themselves and others. They strive to seek out life’s secrets and love learning, even when the subject matter challenges what they currently believe. They are mysterious and secretive while maintaining a close relationship with nature and animals. Since love is a social game, connecting with mates is not their strong-suit. But once they find the right person that understands them they are locked in harmony forever. Purple Auras are very positive and surrounding yourself with purple aura people can bring your mind to new levels of spiritual awareness.


A Blue Aura usually surrounds smart public speakers. They communicate very well and have the confidence to stand in front of crowds. They have clarity of mind when following specific subjects and can stay on target. Because of this clarity, they are usually good decision makers and are much organised, both is thought and action. They have a knack for motivating people and breaking down situations for others to understand, which makes them great debaters and lawyers. For the most part, they are peacemakers and usually follow what is just and fair. The negative side is they tend to take on too much at once which can cause them to neglect the needs of family and friends. When around Blue Auras, capitalize on the clarity of thought and allow those blue rays sink into you.

You definitely want some blue in your aura; just remember that the emotional needs of family and friends must be balanced also.


Gold Auras can go either way. On the positive side, they are very charming and show lots of enthusiasm. They excel at art and music and they devote honest time and energy towards others. They are not selfish. But some superficial qualities also show in Gold Auras. As the popular people, they enjoy looking flashy in crowds, they are attention greedy, and need to be surrounded by a group of friends. Even though they are generous with their time to others, they do not like criticism or to be told they are wrong.  Gold Auras have a “Top of the Line” attitude, which makes them extremely independent to the stage that they won’t ask for help for fear of losing status. Be cautious around Gold Auras, as you do not want the negatives rubbing off onto you, but at the same time, Gold Auras can be very uplifting.


A White Aura represents honesty and integrity. A practical person who is well rounded and down to earth. They are usually very gifted in spiritual awareness and psychic abilities, and seem to attract luck easily. Good things always seem to happen to them. It isn’t really “luck” as much as it is their ability to get the most out of a situation. They understand cause and effect and play their hand with skill. White Aura Holders and usually attractive and well liked people. It’s the person that no one really dislikes because they know how to mold to any situation. They display their positively in their dress as well as their attitude. A White Aura is very positive to be around.


Brown Auras mean the person is surrounded in confusion and usually lacks confidence. They are wandering in the world without direction and feel hopeless. They are discouraged that nothing ever goes right and can even feel like the world is against them. They demonstrate a degree of selfishness and bitterness. They lost sight of the positive side of life and are entering a downward spiral. Brown is the step above black, and brown usually turns to black unless intervention is given. When around Brown Auras, have your shields up, but these individuals need love and support. Try to spark their interest in positive things and get them on a better path without absorbing their draining outlook on life


A Black Aura represents a person who needs serious help. They are filled with hatred and even act on the negative emotions. They are vindictive and usually take pleasure in revenge. Many times Black Auras are caused by illnesses that cause them to lose sight on life’s potential. They were usually oppressed and driven to this state by the evils of the world. It is our job to intervene, but do so cautiously. The best thing you can do is to just be a friend to that person.

Chances are, you’re not going to talk them out of their misery, so it needs to be done one step at a time through their own self-realization. You can let them vent to you during a constructive activity, and lend an ear to listen their troubles. Keep your advice short but positive. Avoid talking their ear off because they will probably block out any constructive criticism or. Viewpoints. Instead let them know they have a friend and that good people still exist. When their attitude and aura start’s changing, then you can progress slowly to the next step and help them realize their true potential. Just realize your role when dealing with a Black Aura and always remember who you are at all costs. It’s easy to get sucked into a black spiral yourself if you do not stay strong.

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