How to handle common marital problems – Living a healthy married life

In recent times, women are becoming fully aware of their position in marriage. Women are advocating for their right as a companion in the home and not simply a help mate. True, it is difficult to approach this topic from what might be considered a safer side. One might wonder if it should be from a biblical background of rooted Christianity we were brought up or that of feminine advocations often associated with civilisation.


Personally, what I’ll tell you as one who cares about you is that I plan to approach this topic based on your mental health as a woman. One thing you should know is this, the number of years one spends in their marriage does not equal happiness. Perfection can always be something hoped for, always away from our reach. And so, you must understand that not all marriages attain that perfection you might be made to believe when standing from afar.

In this article, I plan to share with you the best ways you can handle your marital issues without losing your mind or throwing in the towel.
One thing you must never leave for later is to address a problem. This is very difficult for new couples. They assume that their spouse will gradually grow out of their habit to embrace their new life as a couple and so neglect a lot of things.


Communication is key; You must learn to communicate with your husband from the early stages of your marriage to safeguard your sanity. But mind you, I’m advising you to communicate and not to attack. Once you attack, your husband will put on his defensive armour but when you seek to communicate as a companion, it shows you’re in it together and you’re ready to cooperate with him. Companionship equals cooperation.

How to handle common marital problems and live a healthy married life:

  1. Comes home late
    This problem is predominant with newly weds. As a wife, you find yourself everyday at home waiting for the time your husband will be home. This can be more frustrating if you’ve given up your job and assumed the role of a housewife. You should know that men don’t even let go of their friends when they get married, unlike women that often cling to new friendships once we get married.
    To handle this problem, you should find out why your husband stays out late. Knowing the reason will go a long way in figuring out how best you can approach the conversation.
  2. Leaves the house chores to me
    There are times when the house chores never seem to come to an end. There are meals to be made, laundry to do, kids to attend to and house to keep in order. As a housewife, this could be a major challenge especially when your husband is sitting all day, idle and if not on his smartphone, watching football matches. In this state you might be tired to the brink of despair.
    In order to handle this problem, you need to figure out the type of home your husband comes from. Some homes are so rooted in cultural backgrounds that doesn’t support men engaging in house chores. He might not even know that he’s supposed to help. Once you know why he is not offering his help with house chores, both of you can communicate a solution to it.
  3. He doesn’t spend on me
    When it comes to finance, this matter has to be handled when both of you are in a state of calm. Initiate the conversation and communicate what you want. Remember to steer him in your direction through the conversation.

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princevinco · 07/29/2020 at 10:17 pm

Couple that wish to live a healthy married life first and formost must resolve to sink or swim with their partner by ruling out marriage out of the way. That will cause each partner to pay the necessary peize to live healthy married life.

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