Klarna is one of the leading global payments and shopping services which was founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. Klarna is a platform for business owners and shoppers which aim to make the online shopping experience easier. It provides a more flexible and smarter purchase and shopping experience for all customers. Klarna is available in over 17 countries around the world and offers instalment payments, pay after delivery and direct payments options.

Klarna can be used by logging in as a personal or business account via the website or by downloading the mobile app on Google Playstore or the Apple Store


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Klarna is used by business owners to sell those products and it is used by individuals to purchase any product online. It allows business owners to get paid in full and upfront while the customers are allowed the option to pay in instalments or pay later. Klarna can benefit both business owners and customers in the following ways:

For Customers

  1. You get quality products from verified businesses
  2. Its platform is easier and friendly to use
  3. Your banking details are safe and secure
  4. The payment method used in Klarna, allows customers to pay for products in three different ways:
  5. Pay in instalments for over 3 months to 3 years
  6. Pay later for up to 14-30 days after purchase
  7. Pay in 3 instalment plan

For Businesses

For businesses owner who does not have enough finance to fund their business and could not get a loan, Klara helps in the following ways:

  1. While your customers pay later, Klarna pays a full upfront
  2. You can decide on the payment option you will like to offer customers
  3. Helps your business have a wider coverage as they have built over 100 partner success teams across the world to support you
  5. You do not require any skill to setup
  6. The platform is available for both online and offline purchases
  7. You can integrate Klarna to any of your shopping platforms eg. Woocommerce, Shopify, WordPress, etc. >>see all platforms here
  8. As customers enjoy the buy now and pay later system, you enjoy more value preorder


Currently, Fiverr does not accept Klarna as a payment gateway


Klarna Payment Company offers flexible payment options when you shop on Etsy. It allows you to pay in instalments when you shop for certain products on Etsy. When you order a product on Etsy using Klarna as payment, you are required to agree to Klarna’s Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions.

Please note that all payments are made directly to Klarna and only most shops on Etsy offer Klarna as a payment method.


Klarna one-time card is formerly known as a ghost card. It is a virtual card used for shopping at any online store in the United State. When you create a one-time card on Klarna, it will be connected to your debit card according to the payment option that was chosen when creating the card. Each purchase made on Klarna, follows a payment schedule and such payments are made automatically according to your chosen payment plan. You can also change your connected debit card; pay earlier than stipulated, view your plan at any time in My Klarna.

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