DIY Storage Box

I don’t know about you but I’m always in need of something to put my stuff inside.


The idea for a DIY storage box came up when I knew I needed to do some Decluttering around the house.


There were lots of things I needed to get out of the way; old toys my kids had outgrown, books that didn’t fit the shelves but I couldn’t bring myself to burn either. The list is actually endless.

Once you decide you need to do some decluttering around the house, these boxes will very much come in handy. And the best thing about this project is that you can construct it right from scratch with the same things you might have considered more than once to get rid of; cartons.

Well, you don’t even have to make use of old cartons once you don’t trust them to be strong enough. You could even go out of your way to purchase them from merchants. And with creative ideas, patterns to choose from, you’d want them to be worth the effort you’ll put into making them.

Don’t stress yourself out with worrying about where to put the boxes after completion. There is always a place for something as portable and attractive as storage boxes. If you decide to use them as a shoe storage, the corner of the room will be a good place to keep it or you can keep it under the table or under the bed.

Items you’ll be needing

plastic spreader
glue /adhesive
old newspapers
foil papers
a pencil and ruler to take your measurements


To get started, you should have all the items you’ll be needing close by. Prepare your work space by spreading the old newspapers on your work space to serve as your work surface. They will serve to protect your floor or table or whatever surface you plan to use.

If your carton is one of those that comes with a cover, you can just put the cover away. But if it’s the one without cover, what you have to do is to get a blade and cut the folding edges.

Once that is done, you should spread your foil paper across your work surface. Place your carton one side first and then change positions to cover the different sides of the carton. Make use of the plastic spreader to smooth the foil against the carton.
Your foil paper should be measured in a way that it extends a bit over the carton. This way, you can fold them and make an inner covering that extends further away from the edges.

Making use of your pencil and ruler, get the measurements of the bottom, back and front of the carton and cut the exact measurements on your foil paper. Next, place it on your carton and use the plastic spreader to smoothen it.

Note this, before you begin the covering of your carton with foil paper, you must have applied adhesive all over the corners and edges. This will keep the foil paper glued to it once you have it covered with it.

Explore your creativity with a wide range of foil papers. Foil papers come in silver and gold gold colours. Whatever colour you decide to go for, it will be more attractive if you decide to have a combination of colours. Get your kids around it to have some fun painting it. Good news, they can paint their favourite character on it.

Your storage box is ready for use. Now you have found a place to stuff those things you couldn’t bring yourself to throw away just yet.

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