How to dress classy even with a low budget

First impressions will continue to matter in dress sense. This is because, when people look at you, it is the first thing they see before they even get to know you. Your dress sense portrays a lot about you in terms of your confidence and professionalism.


When you dress in a classic style, you’re sure to land a job interview and to stand out from the crowd. But to dress classy doesn’t necessarily equal breaking the bank.


We’ve provided you with professional helpful tips that will give you a desirable dress sense even when you’re on a tight budget.

  1. Take an inventory of your wardrobe: Sometimes, we tend to have a lot of clothes in our wardrobes which we might have gathered over time. Especially when we’re having a shopping spree. This mood gets us to shop not based on what we need but in line with fashion trends. Most times, we never get to use them but they end up taking a great space of our wardrobes and gives us an impression of possessing lots of clothes. By taking an inventory, you can be able to get rid of those clothes that you do not need. How can you do this?
  • Do you have too much of a particular colours over others
  • Maybe too much of black and less of bright colours?
  • Do you have more of corporate wears in relation to dinner or date night?
  • Do you have sneakers, sandals, high heels or flip flops?
  • By making a list of what you need, you can be able to get rid of those ones you don’t need without feeling guilty. Trust me,

I know how difficult it is to give away your clothes. But it doesn’t necessarily means you have to give it out for free, you can decide to;

2. Sell them!: Yes, thrift stores are always happy to receive your clothes in exchange for money. If you don’t want the cash, you can even decide to trade them for other clothes. It’s like a trade by barter or a swap deal. You give them what you don’t need anymore for them to replace you with others. Maybe you can even decide to do this with friends; swap clothes with friends. Either ways, you’ve new clothes in your wardrobe which you’ve selected based on what it’s necessary.

3. Go for quality: Remember that a wardrobe full of high quality clothes is far better than a huge wardrobe full of cheap clothes. High quality clothes are lasting and make better impression than cheaper ones. To get the most of your clothes, you can be creative and alter your dress sense. Say, you put on a floral dress on low heels? Next time, you can put on the same floral dress but this time, on high heels and a belt around your waist.

4. Accessories: Have some accessories to add to your wardrobe. Accessories like jewelry, belts and watches have a huge effect on your overall dress sense. They give you an edge and complement your dress. With the advent of technology, wristwatches are no longer in trend but wearing them always gives you some sort of attention in comparison. And remember to settle for simple accessories. The goal is to look elegant and not loud. Chunky earrings and necklace should never be considered as an option.

Your target is to dress classy while pursuing your career, personal or financial goals on a budget. To help you make the best dressing decision, your shopping should be in line with your goals. Make sure that the dress you’re shopping will help you in accomplishing these goals. If not, then that clothe is not for you.

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