It’s no news that social media is the new impact space. Wake up if you’re still thinking that social media is the work of the devil. 

This “work of the devil”  can put food on your table. It has done so to me.

How do you see Facebook— A playground? 

Isn’t it expensive to feed your data bundle just to come online and play irrelevant play?

I’ll love to build an introduction around some things we’re already familiar with talking about the use of social media.

Like I said, you may have known this. Then, refresh your memory!

They include:

1. Don’t post questionable photos.

2. Don’t blast your last employer on social media.

3. Don’t share offensive stuff there.

4. Facebook is not your village square; don’t talk carelessly.

I said it, you know that… I’m riding on

Do this consciously:

Before you post, ask yourself: would I mind this being broadcast tomorrow in the news? If you wouldn’t say it on camera, don’t say it online.

Now, let’s get to the business of the day.

Do you have a personal online strategy? Does your social media wall reflect that you’ll make a good look to employers or business prospects?

Pause and think! 


Then ask again,


What impressions are you flaunting online?

There are people I don’t take serious, their social media space confirms the reasons. 

I’ll share 5 rules with you tonight that will help you reposition your social media presence to your career advantage.

1. Use social media as a personal PR tool.

Everyone is a public figure in this new world. Carry yourself as one. That’s not where to throw gossips, beg for recharge card, tell us how your beans got burnt, tell us how you woke up at the wrong side of the bed.

Be intentional about what you share. You’re selling something. Use social media to build the image of your personality.

To start with:


a.  Make sure your bio and other descriptions are well written out. Stop living in London and schooling at UNIUYO. 😀 How do you fare? Stop working at “student”.


Make a short description of who you are to reflect your career interest and vision. Don’t leave it blank.

b. Keep your feeds decent and well communicated. Don’t be too busy to type using shortcuts. No one takes you serious that way.

2. Stay abreast of industry trends and share them.

Share posts that are related to your industry and Career goals. This shows an employer that you’re paying attention to trends. Don’t desire to be heard saying too many unrelated things.

Stick to one thing. You have an expectation—to sell yourself to prospects. Every post doesn’t have to be about the industry but incorporate it into your online presence.

At least to a measure that will portray that you’re focused.

3. Be intentional about who you let into your network 

For career advancement, you need to build professional networks.  Your network sends a message to an employer or prospect.

I’m getting to 5,000 friends on Facebook. I’ve started asking: who are they?


A serious deleting process is about to happen. I need space to accommodate people who’ll fit into my professional interest.

By way of principle, I don’t accept friend requests from faceless people. I don’t accept from people with very few friends.

Build your network with people you know and trust. Don’t feel guilty ignoring friend requests or deleting people that misrepresent you by association.

4. Manage your photos like a public figure.

Post only pictures that you wouldn’t mind if it circulates online. Personal photos are cool but not compromising ones. Untag photos you don’t like. Damaging photos can be costly. You may remove them from your end but how about the person that already downloaded it from his or her end?


Let me give a bonus here:


Disable your wall from people tagging you without your permission to preview what they’re tagging you to. It’s not professional to check through your wall only to discover that it’s a dumpsite.


And finally



5. Think of your social media presence.

Employers use social media background check to access things like:


— whether or not hiring you will pay off.


— whether you show good judgement.


— Whether you’re proactive about managing your career.


— whether you communicate effectively and with discretion.


Here’s a self assessment dose for you. Please evaluate yourself.

When it comes to your use of social media, in what ways do you want your social media presence to enhance your career? List out at least 2 or 3 specific goals.

Chat me up if you need a follow up help.

Hope this helped?

Thanks for the time.


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