The Rules of Wearing White clothes

One major characteristic of wearing white dress is its ability to set one apart from the crowd.

Most people have associated the white dress to royalty, elegance and luxury. The most common knowledge is its significance to the sign of purity. This is evident as the best choice of a bridal dress.


Throughout the years, wearing white dress has been gaining popularity and it’s taking a special place in women’s wardrobe. Its ability to reflect light makes it the best choice during the heat period. Dark colours naturally attract light which results produce heat but with white colour, it is the opposite.


When trying to stock your wardrobe in preparation for the heat period or to own a piece of white dress, there are some rules you’ve to get right in order to pull it off.

As a woman, you should be aware that owning a white dress is a must to complete your wardrobe.

  1. Selecting colour
    You might begin to wonder why you’ll need to select the right colour when obviously, we’re talking about white. But one thing you need to know is that even white colour comes in different shades. In selecting the best shade of white colour, your skin tone should guide you. If your skin tone is dark, then the best shade is a brighter white colour. While if you have a lighter skin tone, you should settle for shades of white in cream and ivory. When considering to be stylish and not confident of a monochromatic colour, you can mix it up to create an outstanding balance.
  2. Go for quality fabrics
    I bet you don’t want to experience what it feels to wear a cheap-white fabric. That spells one thing – see-through. The quality of fabric is very important as long as you want to dress right. They fit perfectly and save you a lot of embarrassment. Wearing a white dress is enough to set you apart and you’d want to remain there -under the administration of all as with the quality of your fabric.
  3. Don’t wear white undergarments
    No matter the shade of white dress you settle for, a white dress will still be a bit transparent. To strike a balance and create a striking allure, your undergarments should be a shade of your skin tone or you can choose to settle for a nude colour. Undergarments are the basic of your dress, getting it right means dressing right.
  4. What’s the occasion
    Your overall look should be dictated by the occasion. Is it a date night in which you want to dress sexy, a family dinner you’d want to look your best or a casual outing? But never wear an all white to a wedding. White dress should be left for the bride.
  5. Choosing accessories
    White dress exudes simplicity and innocence. Don’t destroy it with heavy accessories. Simple accessories will do well with white dress. Settle for the basic, earrings, wristwatches, and necklaces. The idea is to keep the focus on your dress without distractions from your accessories. If you desire to go over the edge, you can do this with the use of coloured earrings.
  6. Selecting the right shoe
    When it comes to fashion, there seems to be a very thin line between right and wrong. The best fashions pulled off are the ones that break the rule. But when it comes to selecting the right shoes for a white dress, white shoes are definitely not an option. You can go with any other colours except white. The exception comes when your dress is not completely white.

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