Profits are very difficult to come by and I would say free bitcoin do not actually work as there are no free Bitcoins. For instance, while playing a game; the Chances of winning are usually pretty low; in order words, winning free Bitcoins are lower. Risky Mining is usually the major challenge in mining bitcoin.

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There are site that give you free Bitcoins which are commonly called bitcoin faucet. Gavin Anderson (Bitcoin Foundation’s central researcher) was the first person to create a bitcoin faucet around late 2010; obviously during that period, Bitcoin merited something like $0.08. Here is the manner by which the site thought in those days.

As a result of the excessive popularity of bitcoin, it’s the profit margin and rate increased thereby enabling difficulty in withdrawal for those using free bitcoin. Free bitcoin do not really more give more income as needed and some people would actually call “a time waster”

Bitcoins popularity has mining process very hard and lesser persons are getting more profits from them. However, if things go right and you find yourself very lucky to win bitcoin, the problem usually comes up when you want to withdraw them from these sites. There are number of websites, which will only allow a minimum number of bitcoin to be withdrawn from your wallet. However, mining bitcoins comes with great risk and expenses.

General Information on mining bitcoin

Bitcoin exchanges are anchored by blockchains, which make up an open exchange records; basically, bitcoin is not a physical form of currency which creates a major risk, as hackers could create bitcoins from nothing unlike the paper currency that is issued by the government or state. Bitcoin mining is a way in which the bitcoin network keeps its transactions secure.

As a result of the way in which blockchain exchanges are organized; to a great degree it is very difficult to change or trade off, even when it is done by the best programmers. Yet, with the end goal to anchor these exchanges, a person will have to devote figuring capacity to checking the movement and bundling the points of interest in a square that goes into the bitcoin record which is accurately what bitcoin excavators do. As a reward for taking the necessary steps to follow and secure exchanges, diggers procure bitcoins for each square they effectively process.
The bitcoin authors have set a limit of 21 million bitcoins accessible for mining.

When it is achieved;

miners will at presently be able to profit by exchange charges. However, they won’t be conceded bitcoins as a reward for their work. As of middle of January 2018, about more than half of those 21 million bitcoins have just been mined. The bitcoin mining industry doesn’t change drastically; it would only seem that we won’t possible hit the 21 million-bitcoin limit until later years
With reference to free bitcoin; you cannot possibly win a lot of Bitcoins utilizing Bitcoin fixtures. The greater parts of them are tricks, and those that aren’t takes a longer time to create an applicable measure of coins.

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