Fashion Accessories every woman should have

Fashion Accessories have and will always remain an important aspect of what defines us as women.

This is because, women are naturally drawn to all things pretty that holds a deep fascination for them. While picking fashion accessories comes effortless to some women, it seems to cause some nervousness in others.


They get attacked with the overwhelming option from which to choose from. And they end up not knowing what is most important in looking classic and begin to wonder if there is a book with fashion rules to serve as guidelines.


It is important to know that there is nothing wrong with nurturing the desire to make a lasting impression within the shortest possible time. That is why we should be concerned about how we look and sought for ways we can up our game. No doubt, there is always a satisfying feeling that comes with having the right sense of style when we step out and are greeted with admirable stares. That feeling is called confidence!

We’ve gathered a list of the most important fashion accessories every woman should own in order to weave that Irresistible feminine charm.

  1. Own a scarf: Have you noticed the popularity scarf has gained in recent times. Believe me, this is one accessory you must have. It cannot be hidden. Once you have it on, it will be the very first thing people will notice about you. And don’t forget that dressing classic means setting yourself apart from the group to be recognized.
    Scarves give you a wide sense of options to choose from. When considering how to wear your scarf, you can choose from wearing it around your neck to serve as a tie, or around your waist to serve as a belt or simply tie it on your hand bag. When you get tired of it, you can turn it into a headband right away. Picking a scarf as a fashion accessory gives you endless possibilities with what you can achieve with it.
  2. Shoes: Quality shoes are a woman’s pride. When you go to shop for one, be clear about what you want. Designers and celebrated shoes in bold colours will give you style and edge. Stock your shoe rack with a range of shoes from high heeled shoes to sneakers and flip flops. And for a lasting impression, don’t settle for plain colours. Go for dotted or pattern coloured shoes.
  3. Handbags: Handbags are every woman’s companion. As an essential accessory, it comes in handy when you’re indecisive of what to carry along and what to leave behind. Yes, as women, there is always something we love to carry along with us no matter where we might be going. As a beauty accessory, we must be conscious of settling for a handbag that accentuate our dress sense and fashion style. With continuous improvements and innovation, it is important we keep up with the fashion trend in order to be able to identify handbags that are in style. This way, you’ll be assured of making that desirable impression with your handbags.
  4. Necklaces, wristwatches, earrings and rings: Necklace has the effect of giving you that needed attention to your neckline. The range of long or short they come in, lift your body and face especially when they come in beads or pendants.
    Wristwatches are very much in fashion. Wearing wristwatches gives you a formal look especially in formal settings. To complete your jewelry set, make provision for earrings and rings.

One part of dressing classic is having these fashion accessories but the important part is how you wear them.

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