Everything about being a career woman by Lady Prowess 1

Everything about being a career woman by Lady Prowess

We can say; A career woman is a woman with a career who is interested in working and progressing in her job, rather than staying at home looking after the house and children.

A woman who follows a professional or business career and who’s priority in life is achieving success in her career or profession.

When a woman is over age 30, single and childless, people want to know why. Not just her doting parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Not just the college roommate whose bridal and baby showers she threw ten or fifteen years earlier. Not just her married mom friends chiding her to get on the bandwagon. Not just her co-workers. Not just the nosy neighbor down the street. Just about everyone is just dying to know: What is she waiting for?

But it doesn’t seem to matter what her response is because before they’ve finished asking the question, the same inquisitors have already added their own reasoning: “Are you too focused on your career?” Or, “Well, you are a career woman.”

The “career woman” is a relic of the Women’s Liberation Movement fifty years ago, when a woman who sought a career was an anomaly or judged for making what many believed to be a radical political statement of feminism.

But today, there are more women in the workforce than men. It’s hardly a feminist statement to have a job. At the very least, it’s a statement of being a responsible member of society who pays her bills.

Of course, some women do choose to pursue their careers in lieu of being a working mother, or delay motherhood for a couple of years because they feel they need to in order to stay competitive in their industries.

Some women believe that their dedication to their career, and the good that they are building through their work, is their ultimate legacy—Oprah Winfrey certainly comes to mind.

And some women have absolutely no interest in becoming mothers, their careers notwithstanding.

But as a woman who always yearned to be a mother, and as one who has been called a “feminist career woman,” because I am childless, I can tell you that the “career woman” myth is anachronistic at best, hurtful at worst. And any way you slice it, proven to be simply incorrect.

Making the choice to wait for love, marriage and a stable relationship is the most common reason why most single women who want to be mothers are not mothers, barring a biological fertility challenge. So next time you are about to ask a thirty-something friend why she hasn’t become a mother yet—don’t.

Balancing the home and work as a career woman

Some women pursue only success and excellence in their careers neglecting their homes.

Nevertheless, a career woman should have enough time for their home and from other professions.

“You notice that some neglect their homes and even God, they even stop going to the church or mosque just to be in the office,”

But in order to live a balanced life as a career woman, women have many phases of life to combine and manage appropriately such as husband, children, in-laws, church, God, society, work, personal life and health to mention a few and a strain in any of these areas can throw a woman’s life in a total mess if she doesn’t strike a balance.

This make some people define a career woman as a woman who prefers to work rather than staying at home

In spite of women’s desire to be joint leaders in the corporate world, a professional woman must grapple with the challenge of managing her home to avoid a broken marriage and ill-bred children.

A woman must be ready to make sacrifice for the benefit of her husband, children or even a boss; sacrifice is the chief activity that defines femininity.

The order to keep your home as a female professional is a challenge that can be effectively managed and a problem that is surmountable.

“Ironically, our parents did not find this a problem as they adhered strictly to their own division of labour. But times have changed; we are now in a jet age which stresses affirmative actions and equality of men and women.
Couples have now become joint bread winners because of the harsh economic circumstances.

This is the major challenge of our time

Women must give their best in order to build the home/family which is the foundation of a virtuous society.
“This is the surest way to secure the trust, support and enjoy the love of your husbands, which are germane to professional career success.
Where this rule is observed, the family and home will be not only at peace, the woman would be able to strive for greater professional fulfillment outside the home.

This may help explain why successful professional women are credited with being highly supportive wives, managers and excellent team players.

Although some professional women resort to the hiring of house-helps to achieve this ideal, the outcome in many instances have been embarrassing and sometimes, unpleasant.

Some house-helps are known to have “taken over” the homes of their madams while some others have influenced children with bad behavioural traits.
“Conversely some house boys are known to have “stepped” into the oga’s shoes because of his continuous absence from home or unending meetings in the offices!

House-helps, in whatever form, cannot and should not be made role models for your children.

In fact their use amount to child abuse and child labour which are criminal offences.

How women can achieve work-life balance;

“Flexibility in your work schedule is key-ask for it or find a company that offers it.”

Other tips include:

Plan “me time” and put it on your calendar, create special family activities, spend time with your partner, create moments for yourself, use your support system-Pick up the phone when you’re late for school ‘runz,’ stay connected during the day, limit distractions and time wasters, share the load, slow down and use technology like smartphones, iphones and other things to make your work easier.

Finding a balance between work life and personal life can be a challenge for career-driven women.

“If you have a corporate job that you love, it may be easy to pour your heart, soul, and body into it and spend every hours doing what you love best.

Even though you give work or passion your all, when your day’s job is done, the key to joy inevitably lies in the balance achieved with other important aspects of your life, that matters to you,” (Family)

Other keys to achieving balance;

“Take charge of your life, avoid passing work schedule home, limit work talk with your significant other, plan downtime intentionally and stop cancelling or re-scheduling those plans!”

Career women should begin effective time management by making a list of their priorities. By knowing what you want to accomplish, you can help delegate your time.

The 4 D’s in time management they say include; Do it, Delegate it, Dump it, and Defer it.

Others include;

Separate your work and motherhood responsibilities, when you are at work, make a to-do list for your job. As you accomplish tasks, you can strike through them and when you get home from work, then concentrate on the work at home which may include cooking , helping kids with home work among others. You could also delegate some household chores to your children or spouse.

“While, it is very interesting being a female professional, it will be more so when you successfully court the understanding of your husband and children.

Whatever your calling, you must make your spouse see that ultimately, he and your children are the beneficiary of all that you set out to do as a professional.

“Once he sees the economic benefit rather than the unimportant, unannounced and inevitable competition for financial superiority in the home, you will enjoy his understanding, love and support.

Your success should be the glory of the family. Only then, can you “play like men and win like women”

The home is built by the woman, but when the wind blows and things gets tough; you learn to fight on your knees

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