Enkay says the Ludo occurrence with Cindy was blown out of proportion

Enkay says the Ludo occurrence with Cindy was blown out of proportion

The most recent housemates to be expelled from the Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ season four house, Enkay and Cindy were visitors at the Pulse studio on Wednesday 21, 2019, where they got the chance to share their encounters in the house.

Enkay became famous in the house for her sewing capacities which got saw by different housemates as well as won her some money prize before living the house. Then again, Joe was the person who came into the house which a ton of saw ‘wahala,’ and shrewd minds.

We plunked down to converse with the previous housemates about their encounters in the house and how they have had the option to deal with the recently discovered acclaim since going out.

“Leaving the house was quite sad for me and also a good thing because I’m out here now and I have to take advantage of the opportunity given. Now I saw a lot of people tearing up which kind of got to me as well, so I have been to express love as they give in return as if that would help matters. Things have been going okay, the little bad vibes from the fans I don’t and vibes I like. In respect to the fans that have encouraged and showed love, you guys overshadowed the bad vibes, I really appreciate and that has been making things positive for me. So its been ita been good,” Joe said.

For Enkay she was stunned at the gathering she got the minute she was expelled from the house however has had the option to proceed onward from it and is just vindicating the inspiration from it.

“When I came out it wasn’t what I expected but it happened. At first, I felt really bad, I almost let it get to me but I realised that why would I let it get to me if it is not what really happened. Why would allow people’s opinion about me about did not really happen to get to me? So I just started overlooking it, to a point I actually started reading the hate comments and it was funny to me. Like my friend was asking me if I was sane for laughing at those comments. It wasn’t what happened but I’m happy that regardless of whats going on, opportunities are already coming up. There are actually people that are going all out, rooting for me. At the end of the day, the main thing is to just focus on the positive side of it as Joe said and the negative ones will just phase-out,” she said.

Enkay additionally included that the gathering she has been getting since going out has been overwhelming. From gathering individuals who truly need to pay her compliments to taking photographs and even the web based life gathering, Enkay says she has gotten more positive vibes than the negative ones.

Incidentally, Enkay and Joe both came into the Big Brother house on that night and one would have anticipated that them should vibe quickly yet they sort of began an unpleasant note and we needed to discover why that occurred.

“I was the first person to experience Joe’s sarcasm, he shocked me but I just looked at the guy’s mustache and said to myself ‘why would I take somebody with a curly mustache serious’ So at that moment I felt he came into the house to use me and shine. After that episode, I just walked away until I realised that this is actually who Joe is. He is a very cool person like our beds were beside each other. I really got to understand that Joe is a good person to a point I found it funny, it wasn’t even a problem for me,” Enkay said.

Joe’s presence in the house was felt by everyone as he was seen as the guy who was ready to be in anyone’s business undermining the repercussions that would follow. For him, it wasn’t a strategy rather that was him being himself.

“That’s just me actually and I guess everyone wanted to know ‘is that a strategy or what strategy are you going to use.’ If what I was doing seemed like a proper strategy to get whatever I want to get done, done then it was. But that was just me, I didn’t even need to put too much effort into it. The only thing that mattered then was if I could control it. So if I’m going to be poking into your life or relationship, I rather get this high or this low, it cant be too moderate. And the spice was needed and I realised that most of them also seemed to know who the other person, it was a gradual process for them but they found out that man is actually hot,” he said.

Joe says he felt he was a major threat to the other guys in the house because they already had a united family before he and the new housemates arrived at the house. He also said the old housemates saw the new guys as a threat because they were trying to blend in with the other guys which wasn’t quite easy.

The night Enkay went into the house as another housemate was that night the housemates were caught up with attempting to get ready for an undertaking which included the utilization of a sewing machine. For Enkay the way that she saw something {Sewing machine) that could identify with was a major ordeal for her. It made her subside into the house rapidly as different housemates understood that she is great with it.

For many individuals, the primary reason Enkay got expelled from the Big Brother house was the Ludo game scene with Cindy. Watchers of the most-watched unscripted television appear in Nigeria felt her frame of mind towards Cindy during the game occurrence wasn’t legitimate. Be that as it may, Enkay gave an entirely unexpected record of what truly happened among Cindy and herself.

“There is really no Ludo drama, like you said, if you watched me on stage when I came out and played that particular scene, I did not even know what was coming to me o, I was laughing to myself, I did not even know that the people were not with me until I looked at the crowd and could the faces not welcoming at all. And Ebuka started asking me questions and I was like why is Ebuka asking me Ludo, you no see as I sew clothes, I dance. It wasn’t what happened and I am happy that people are gradually understanding that this is what actually happened. Because we were all playing the game together and it was just the moment of me pissed off at Cindy for telling Venita what to play the game, that was just that moment.

“Because Venita was the new one in the game, me and Mercy wanted to play before Cindy joined us, Cindy still sat to watch what was going on between me and Venita and when I was just about to win my game, she now told Venita what to play and that thing actually made me pissed off. So when Venita left with Mercy, it was just me and Cindy, Cindy was about to leave then I arranged the game and was about to start playing the game on my own then she sat back on the bed and said she wanted to play with me and I said ‘no Cindy I don’t want to play with you’ at that moment I was still pissed off about the incident. So she said she wanted to play with me and I said ‘no Cindy you cant play with me’ and she said why won’t you play with me and I said because I dint want to play with you.

“People didn’t see the part where Cindy she would scatter the Ludo board if I don’t play with her and I said ‘okay, scatter the Ludo board because me I won’t play with you.’ She saying she wanted to scatter the Ludo board got me more pissed and after that, she got up and say ‘Oya Oya play finish’ and then she now left. So the scene that was portrayed was that Enkay was playing Ludo on her own then Cindy the innocent girl came and said ‘Hi Enkay, let me play with you,’ then Enkay the mean girl then said ‘No Cindy you cant play with me because I’m too big and you are too small’ that was what people saw,” she said

Enkay had some very interesting highlights in the house which will be forever remembered. From Enkay’s sewing abilities which have already sold her out to the public to her dancing skills which made everyone look forward to her time during the Saturday parties, she was indeed a very huge and important mix in the house.

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For Joe, even though he was one of the housemates everyone wanted to see in the house for a long time, we guess the strength of the other housemates who were up for eviction were too much for him to handle.

Joe plans to use his exposure at the Big Brother to harness his artistry prowess. He plans to hold an art exhibition in Abuja soon to showcase his talents. He also plans to partner with the Abuja city government to beautify the city with some of his proposed artworks just like Lagos.

Joe and Enkay are the ninth and tenth housemates to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija season 4 ‘Pepper Dem’ season four. They were both evicted on Sunday, August 18, 2019, during the live eviction show

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