Turn your Home into a Garden -DIY Ideas for an Indoor Gardening

Nature is one great thing to experience. It comes with a soothing feeling of freshness and fulfilment. But since we cannot just up and escape to the rural areas to experience this natural gift, the closest we can get is to own a garden.


Yes! Hold on, I’m very aware of how some homes are built with little or no space left for gardening activities. That is why we have decided to write this article, to provide you with an option for indoor gardening.

Whether you have a little space or you live in a small home, with these inspiring DIY tips, you can be able to have your own little dream garden right there in your home.


So, roll over your sleeve and let’s get creative.

  1. Pot planters: Pot planters are the most accessible and common indoor gardening options. They come in a range of sizes and colours. What is most interesting about this option is that they are ready for gardening once you pick them up from the market. All you have to do is to fill them up with sand, give them some water and go right ahead to plant in them. Have them positioned on windows, corners of the room or the hallway.
  2. Giant planters: If you’re the type that likes to make a big impression, you can go for giant planters. What you should know is that, big, huge or giant planters portray luxury. When looking out to impress your guests, these are highly recommended as the option for your indoor garden activities.
  3. Interesting garden bowls: You can make your dining table look interesting by simply making a garden bowl. Get a bigger bowl but be sure that it is one that will not take up the whole table space. You don’t want it to be in the way rather than serving as a decorative tool. You can also have them placed on your stools and bookshelf. When choosing these bowls, colourful bowls are highly recommended. If you don’t have colourful ones, you and your kids can give them a paint. It will make a wonderful family fun and bring laughter. Trust me, your kids will love it. When considering the type of plants, you should think of herbs, succulent and cactuses.
  4. Use your cups: Do you have cups loitering around the house. This idea was inspired after my wedding. You know how family and friends present you with lots of gifts. It was crazy that mugs and cups made a huge part of my wedding gifts. My husband wanted me to barter them for other items but I couldn’t. And because we were just starting out and lived in a little space. The idea of indoor gardening inspired the use of cups. I poured small sand in the cups and have them planted with succulents and cactuses plants in them. You don’t have to worry about the plants outgrowing the cups. These plants require little water to thrive. Explore your creativity and you’ll be surprised at how much you can create with your cup gardening.
  5. Make use of rack: If you have a baby drying rack that is of no use to you then that is about to change. Of course, that is, if your kids are grown. Unless you have other plans of having more babies. If not, then, you can simply use it to hold your planters. Or if you find the idea perfect but have none available, you can shop for it and use it for this purpose.

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