"Delay isn't Denial" -Linda Ikeji Shares Her Success Story 1

“Delay isn’t Denial” -Linda Ikeji Shares Her Success Story

“Delay isn’t Denial” -Linda Ikeji Shares Her Success Story

Nigeria and Africa richest blogger, Linda ikeji, shared her success story on her blog.

According to her, there are things she couldn’t do some years back but now she can conveniently do them.

Linda ikeji took to her blog to share the good things God has done in her life also admonish people waiting on God for particular thing not to lose hope.

Read her comment below:

The first time I stepped foot outside of Nigeria was in November 2011. I was 31. Before then, I’d never entered an international flight. I never had the opportunity to travel abroad and definitely couldn’t afford a holiday. I always wondered what the outside world looked like.
Fast forward to 7 years later. Now I can travel to any part of the world I want…maybe even take 10 people with me and give them a luxury trip. And throw in shopping money inside sef…lol.
I have learnt through my own journey that delay is not denial. Sometimes things will come when it will come. You can’t hurry it along no matter how much you work, plan or pray. What you need is patience and trust God’s perfect timing for what is meant for you. God will come through for you as long as you keep the faith, refuse to give up and keep working. Sometimes the delay is God preparing you for greatness beyond what you even envisioned. So don’t be down that you are not where you want to be now. Your breakthrough is coming! It may be taking a long time, but God didn’t bring you this far to leave you and you didn’t bring yourself this far to give up. So increase your determination, increase your drive, do everything with all your might and be patient.
Your time is coming! Oh, it will come…and soon! The question is; are you ready?

It would be recalled that the single mum broke up with her baby daddy few months after welcoming her first child.

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