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Explore affordable and creative budget travel accommodation options for your next adventure. From hostels and guesthouses to camping and house swapping, find the perfect low-cost lodging to make your travel experience memorable without breaking the bank.

Over the years, traveling has become one of the most popular hobbies available to mankind, and today, technology has made it even more interesting and safe. Many of us have been dreaming of traveling the world, but we are prevented by self-whining about our workload or the lack of finances to do it. Someone once asked me if it is that difficult to travel the world.

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I don’t think so, because, from my experience, you can travel anywhere in the world with a minimum amount if you really understand Budget travel. Experience has also taught me that handling most of the travel expenses is possible without actually spending a dime. And that is why, in this article, I will be focusing on budget travel accommodations.

What Is Budget Travel Accommodation?

Travel Accommodation is the commercial use of a building, or part thereof, for the temporary or overnight lodging of the traveling public. Typically, budget travel accommodations are buildings or parts of buildings designed to provide a safe, clean place to stay, with compact rooms that have a bed, clean sheets, a bathroom, and basic furniture like a table and a clothes hanger. It is the Cheapest form of accommodation available for budget travelers. Regardless of where you want to visit around the world, accommodation will always take up a huge hunk of your travel budget, and unless you find a way to work around it, you might have a much shorter trip than you are hoping for.

Regarding accommodation, I am going to say that it is by no means necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on hotel rooms. Even though there are ways to find the Cheapest form of accommodation, which I will mention later in this article, they are not even my last choice when I travel. I usually go for Home Sitting, which is totally free. This way, I get to know where I go from the locals and have a true cultural experience. However, one can always find a budget hotel on any room rental website. Couchsurfing is always a great option if I cannot find what I’m looking for on those websites. Camping sites are also budget-friendly places to visit because they are cheap. Plus, they are quite fun. Now let’s look at a few budget accommodations around the world.

Budget Accommodation Options For Traveling Anywhere In The World

Besides airfare, accommodation costs are one of the most significant expenses on any travel budget. Therefore, finding ways to reduce our accommodation expenses can lead to substantial savings, which makes it one of the best ways to plan a low-budget holiday! However, one of the first things that will affect your accommodation budget is the number of people you travel with. It is always important to consider this factor before choosing any accommodation. Some of the Cheapest forms of accommodation are:

  • Youth Hostel
  • Camping Site
  • A Guest House Or B&B
  • Apartment Rentals
  • House Sitting
  • Couchsurfing

Youth Hostel

A Youth Hostel offers cheap and cost-effective stays and is often centrally located. It is a place that offers economical accommodation in safe and comfortable surroundings, usually for people traveling on low budgets. The accommodation is usually very basic, with shared dorm-type rooms and shared bathrooms with one central kitchen area, and you basically buy a bed for the night. These hostels exist everywhere in the world and benefit many students and backpackers traveling locally and abroad. Apart from providing safe accommodations for travelers, Youth hostels also promote social interaction with other guests in various ways. Even though the term is associated with Youth, people of all ages and professions can also use these hostels.

Camping Site

Camping Sites are budget-friendly places to visit, especially if you are traveling on a low budget. It is a land where travelers and people on vacation can camp. Most camping sites have restrooms and places for showering. Camping offers many more nature comforts, and if you don’t like the idea of being cramped into a dorm room with 10 to 15 other backpackers, then camping is well worth it. It’s usually much cheaper than a youth hostel, but you must have a tent or camper van. Although it’s much cheaper, it’s usually on the outskirts of cities and can make the commute back and forth a hassle and an expensive exercise. Camping can be very social and great if you travel in a group.

A Guest House Or B&B

A Guesthouse Or B&B (bed and breakfast) is somewhere between a hostel and a Budget hotel, both in style and price. The guest house allows you to have your own bedroom and bathroom, but you have to share the kitchen area and common room with the other guests. Here, they have fewer rooms than a hotel, although you can find a range of sizes. It is a boon for someone who wants social accommodation with certain comforts that hostels and camps don’t usually provide. 

Apartment Rentals

Apartment Rentals provides you with most, if not all, of the amenities of an apartment for less than the price of a hotel. If you’ll be staying in a city for a long time, looking for a rental is a good choice. You can rent from well-established rental companies or people with a place available. People usually sublet their apartments as Budget hotels when not using them. It helps them generate some income, while budget travelers save money since they pay just a portion of the agreed-upon rent. Feeding is not included, so you might have to pay for your own food.

House Sitting

House Sitting allows you to stay at someone’s home for free with the condition that you will take care of it, feed and walk their pets (should they have any), water their plants, etc. You and the house owner must agree before committing to the house-sitting and/or pet-sitting conditions. Sometimes, you are to be paid to do the work required while staying at their place for free. 


Couchsurfing. Budget travel can sometimes be daunting. This is why people commonly ask how safe it is to stay at a stranger’s house in another country when nothing is guaranteed. I can say (having done it myself several times) that it is pretty safe. Apart from being free, it is one of the most popular and culturally rich methods of staying in a country. First, you have to get the contact information of someone who has an apartment in the country you are visiting and ask if they can host you. Some of them can offer a room with a bed or let you share a room with them, or the couch, etc. One of the best things about Couchsurfing is the direct exposure to the local culture, as many hosts spend their time with their guests, showing them around the city and pointing out some budget-friendly places to visit.

Throughout my last holiday, I used Couchsurfing as an accommodation, which cost me nothing. And it benefited me a lot because I met great people I still see frequently. As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities for traveling on a budget. In addition to being cheap, budget options always provide you with a better cultural and social experience. 

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