BARR. IME OKON DESERVES More - Rev Richard Peters 1

BARR. IME OKON DESERVES More – Rev Richard Peters

The popular saying ‘One good term deserves another’ is beyond a political recitation; It is a statement of fact. Right from Biblical days, people who were faithful in little things were given bigger responsibilities, because there is a guarantee that such a faithful person will perform his assigned duties creditably well.

In our world today, there are still faithful stewards. Although some leaders assumed the status of rulers when they are given the mandate to serve. But a true leader is a steward. One of such persons, who despites his position still sees himself as a steward is Rt. Hon. (Barr). Ime Bassey Okon, member representing Ibiono State Constituency.

Barr. Okon since assumption of office, had not failed to live up to the expectations of the people who gave him the mandate to represent them. Time will certainly fail if I attempt a chronicle or documentary of his achievements within these few years of his stewardship. He has touched lives positively across all the communities in his constituency. His empowerment programmes have engaged both the young and old in businesses that have gone a long way in helping families survive. Those who never had the hope of owning businesses are now proud business owners. Those who would have dropped out of school have received scholarships that will see them through their studentship. Groups and organizations within and outside Ibiono state constituency, have equally benefited from the generosity of Barr. Ime Okon. This, indeed, is leadership. This is effective representation. This is practical democracy.

If our state can boast of ten persons who would tread the same empowerment path as done by Barr. Okon, our society will become Africa’s business hub, with thousands of entrepreneurs.

Barr. Ime Okon is a detribalized leader that has spread his tentacles of kindness and generosity to even people outside his constituency. He has become an Iroko tree that has covered many from the scotch of the sun, and from the weakening rain of poverty. His humane disposition has placed him on a platform where he has become the friend of the orphans and helper of the hopeless. This is leadership.

In his modest attempt to serve his people in a more expansive capacity, the people have called on Barr. Okon to represent them at the Federal House of Representatives. This is a higher calling, and I have no doubt that Barr. Ime Okon will render selfless services to his people.

He is an unassuming personality whose ultimate goal is the liberation of his people. Most of his programmes and rhetoric point to the fact that he is interested in building people. A man who builds people, builds the future. A man who builds people builds a nation. A man who builds people, builds a generation. Barr. Ime Okon has chosen to build people.

Let all hands be on deck to support Barr. Okon to build more people in ITU/IBIONO Federal Constituency. With the building plan on his desk at the moment, there is no doubt whatsoever that he is set to transform the lives of his constituents for good.

If he is faithful in a little, there is every tendency that he will be faithful in many. To whom much is given, much is expected of him.

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