The name Arialaba is gotten from the joining together of the two most popular marketplace in Nigeria which is the Ariaria (Ari) and Alaba (Alaba) International market located in Aba and Lagos respectively. Arialaba is an e-commerce website that brings closer the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to their targeted customers.

Many businesses in Nigeria face different challenges that need to be met adequately.

Challenges that all businesses in Nigeria encounter; Electricity, good road network, finances, trust and also to make sales.

Creating a good business atmosphere for both small and big businesses.

The Primary aims of this platform are to solve Problems which includes:

Preventing Trade fraud

Saving Time

Provide a real shopping website to Businesses

Build customer trust and

Save Money

Arialaba is aimed to use different means and approaches in solving these problems:

In order to Prevent Trade Fraud, Arialaba provides a strong security system (Trade Assurance) to ensure that both the vendor and the seller are adequately kept in check

In order to save time, Arialaba offers a unique way to help save your time, with all your products uploaded to Arialaba, you won’t have to jump from platform to platform. Your products will be marketed with paid ads across these social media platforms and Google, giving you more exposure. Also, you’re not being limited by Arialaba in terms of advertising your products. If you feel you are not receiving the exposure that you need, you can also promote your products on other platforms to get more customers.

In order to Provide a real shopping website to Businesses, Nigeria certainly has many online marketplaces that users can join, upload their products, and make sales. However, none of these websites offers a dedicated shop feature to help businesses have an online presence and broaden their customer base.

Arialaba provides a platform that enables business owners to be able to have their own online shop, with a dedicated shop link. They can upload their products, perform SEO on the products, and can perform social media marketing.

With this platform, it saves you time, money, and looks to put an end to “DM me for price.”

Another significant advantage of using Arialaba is that you have trade intelligence. You’ll know which goods are performing better, which states where your customers are based, how you can improve your services, etc.

In order to have more customer trust, Most businesses in Nigeria fail not because of their bad doings but because of the toxic nature of doing business in Nigeria. Customers wouldn’t trust sellers online unless they visited the offline shops themselves. Moreso, with Arialaba, your business will be verified through valid ID identification. Also, you’ll be offering your customers an extra layer of trust with our Trade Assurance policy. Customers buying will have more feeling of security. If you’re a real business in Nigeria and not a scam, you won’t have any problems providing to your customers an extra layer of trust.

In order to save money, this includes the cost of running and maintaining a website especially for an average Nigerian business. Arialaba takes that burden away and allows you focus on production and sales.

It cost you more data; for each product picture, you upload on Facebook groups especially, and also costs you a portion of your mobile internet data subscription.

With Arialaba, its more easier; once all your products are uploaded, you can take the product link and share it to get more customers.

Arialaba also aim to solve other problems such as:

Inspection Services

Business Registration

To find out more, visit the platform for more information HERE

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