Boosting your fitness goals

The concept of what a man can do, a woman can do even better shouldn’t hold water when it comes to fitness. As gender is concerned, women should remain women and men should be men. This is important in relation to the exercise routine that women should be engaged in. As women, the areas that we need to build are different from the ones that men should build.

  •  Cardio
  • Add or build little muscles
  •  Stretch

The major health concerns of women include weight gain or obesity, cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. I’m not completely ruling out or condemning women’s involvement in the same workout as men, but I’m of the opinion that women should focus more on exercises that are important to their vital health and will help accentuate their femininity. There is no need going overboard. It is profitable to concentrate on those exercises that are tailored to meet your body’s essential needs, wants and the overall fitness goals.

Whole body fitness

When it comes to whole body fitness exercises, the most available option is jogging, running, skipping or jumping. You’ll also need some stretching in order to gain flexibility. Stretching relief tensed muscles and helps with sour joints. Squats and lifting of weight gets your blood pumping fast and makes you smart and active. Squats specifically target your butt, thighs, calves and arms.

Lifting Weights

Don’t get me wrong. Yes, I made mention of women not engaging in exercises deem fit for men. But before you reach a conclusion, I’m not totally against it. My concern is with the amount of effort or energy you put into it. While men lift weights in order to build large muscles, women lift weights in order to build up their strength and endurance.

Pump it up with cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises like running, jogging, swimming, cycling and even walking helps a great deal in burning body calories. These exercises have a way of controlling fat around the hips and lower belly. These are the major areas that give women a feminine look and the confidence to swing their hips. With exercises targeted at these areas, they could be made lean with cardiovascular exercises.

Pick a point of interest

It is very important to have a particular part of the body you wish to work on in mind during exercise. Say for example, you wish to make your hips more pronounced. You should allocate more time to your hip area during your exercises and it should be exercise that would help with your hips. As much as there are exercises for overall fitness, finding a point of interest to focus on will produce quick results. Or if you wish to burn belly fat, you should concentrate more on that. And not redirect that energy to where it is not needed.

Raise your arms

Build endurance with your arms by having them raised while running, jogging or walking.

This is not as easy as you might think. Its effect can be felt almost immediately you take them into the hair. When you do this often, it will help in toning your arm and burn the fat on it. It’s effect doesn’t end there. It extends to your abdominal area and helps to tighten and strengthen it.

Wall squats

Squats are best for toning your but muscles and making them attractive. Most women carry out fitness exercises for this very reason. Apart from staying fit and healthy, it’s also about looking attractive and feeling good about one’s self.

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