5 Tips to Discovering the Perfect Bra, even if you’re a plus size

Are you experiencing discomfort with your bras too?


It took me way past my adolescents to discover that bras do not necessarily have to be uncomfortable. Bra shopping used to be one of my greatest challenges. I had always been conscious of strapping it about my chest and every minute I get, I race to a secluded place to make adjustments. And sometimes when I couldn’t find a breakout, I had to endure the discomfort it brings. Does chest pain sound familiar? Well, wearing the wrong size of bra is one major cause of chest pain.


One clarity I have about bra now is that once it doesn’t give me comfort then it’s not my size. A bra that is perfect for you must provide you with comfortability and upholds your breasts in place. I can relate with the overwhelming effort of shopping for bra. With numerous designs and options to choose from who wouldn’t? It could actually be puzzling at times.

Finding the perfect bra is very important because with the perfect bra, you will be confident and look attractive in your dress.

To discover the perfect bra for yourself, here is a list of things you must consider;

Bra band: The bra band is what gives your breasts support while the cups hold your breasts firmly. The breasts bands serve to accentuate your breasts curvature. In order to identify a bra that fits, both the band and the cup should be in such harmony that even if you take off the straps, you can be able to walk confident while your bra remains firmly in place.

When your breasts sizes are different: You must have discovered that one of your breasts is bigger than the other. This is perfectly normal. But the degree of variation varies from one individual to the other. In some women, the difference is so subtle that it will be difficult to tell while in other women, the difference is not hard to tell. This might actually cause a major challenge in discovering the perfect bra fit. What you should do is to go for a bra that fits the bigger breast. Then you can go ahead and fill the other one with breasts pads.

How to identify that cups are bigger: When the centre of the bra where the cups meet does not lie flat against your chest, it means your cups are too big. Another way to know is when the bra straps need constant adjustments. You should consider choosing a lower cup size.

Wearing bra to fit the occasion: Bras are made from different materials to serve a purpose. Ideally, a bra ought to last you for about six months, this is, if you don’t have a lot of bra in your wardrobe. In order to ensure that your bras are lasting and don’t get to stretch too fast, you must shop and label them according to the occasion.

Here is a few list of bras to consider for your wardrobe:

  • 70-80 percent of your bra should be black or in your skin colour.
  • Next, if you’re a fitness enthusiast you should consider shopping for bras that would hold your breasts firmly and reduce the amount of bounce during sporting activities.
  • The number of bras you would need for fitness exercises depends on the amount of time you workout. More work out means more bra because you’ll need to wash them to get rid of sweat without repeating a sweaty bra often.

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