The goal of a hair care routine is to have strong, healthy, moisturized and luster hair.

In the previous fashion and beauty article, we talked about the importance of adopting a hair care routine. I received few emails from women who needed clarifications on how they can go about adopting a hair care routine.


This is why I’d decided to talk about the hair care routine you should adopt in order to have that desirable hair texture and sheen.

I should tell you right away that hair care routine involves more than washing and applying hair cream to your hair.


For a healthy hair, the importance of hair care routine cannot be overemphasized. No matter your hair needs, following a hair care routine will cater for it.

If you’re ready, let’s dig in right away!

  1. Oil your hair: Oiling forms an important step in your hair care routine. Its function is to provide your hair with shine, moisture, gives it a glow and that attractive sheen. And it also gives your hair the needed nutrients required for a healthy hair.
    It is advisable that you oil your hair the previous night if you plan to wash it the next day. This way, your hair lock will be strengthened to avoid breakage and pull. A larger amount is required when styling your hair too. An oil hair will aid in strengthening your hair follicles.
  2. Washing your hair: When washing your hair, you must take care to select a shampoo of high quality. The function of a hair shampoo is to help cleanse your hair of dirt that might be trapped in your hair. This doesn’t mean you’re to engage in this hair care routine daily. Washing your hair daily or too frequent will deprive your hair of moisture and natural oil contains in it.
    The recommended amount of times you should wash your hair must not exceed three times a week. If it must be up to three times, then it should be hair that is very greasy.
    You’re to follow this routine with the application of hair conditioner. You must ensure that your hair care routine products are from a trusted brand. This way, the hair conditioner will give your hair a soft and smooth texture.
  3. After washing: Once you’ve washed your hair, you’ll need to style it. But styling your hair might not be as effortless as you might think. To achieve this, you’ll need a hydrating hair cream. Whether you desire to style your hair while it’s still wet or when it gets dry, there is a hydrating hair cream to meet your hair care routine needs.
  4. Hair mask: Hair masking is recommended when you’ve damaged hair or dry hair. Hair mask functions to repair your damaged hair and restore a natural glow and shine. It is difficult for your hair to escape the harsh environment, which causes damage to your scalp and weakens your hair strands.
    Hair mask like aloe vera or mayonnaise made from organic materials will work the magic of restoring your hair. This routine should be carried out once a week.
  5. Hair massage: Did you know you can massage your hair?
    I’ve seen some women hitting their hair hard when it’s itchy. But what if you could avoid that and simply cultivate the habit of a daily hair massage? Believe me, the feeling is divine. This routine ensures an even distribution of blood, makes your air root stronger and gives you a sound sleep.
    You can do this every night just before your beauty sleep.

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