How To Identify the Right Lipstick for Your lips – World lipstick day

Did you know that there is a day specifically set aside as a National Lipstick Day? This happens every 29th of July.


I hope you’re as thrilled as I was when I first discovered that a day to celebrate this beauty cosmetic that helps women define their lips is recognized globally.

My love for lipsticks began from those moments of my childhood when I watched my mother wearing them. Red! They were always red and had a way of making her look glorious and elegant. I wanted that too and I couldn’t wait to try them on when I got older. It was when I started wearing lipstick, that I came to the realization that there is a right way for it.


Wearing lipstick is not just about buying Lipstick and applying on your lips. No, it is far from that. In order to get the desired outcome, you must be mindful that wearing lipstick is an art, and art can be learned.

When it comes to wearing the right lipstick for your lips, it can be an overwhelming process for you.

But what you should know is that selecting the right colour shade is the first step to identify the right lipstick for you. There are lots of brands out there each with the promise of giving you a great lips.

But you might have an idea of what you need. Of which the most common of them is to get a lipstick that stays on your lips without cracking or smearing the edges of your lips. And certainly, you’d want a lipstick with the perfect undertone and best texture.

What you should know from the onset is that these ideas might be difficult to find in a single lipstick for your lips.

Follow these tips to have an amazing adventure in finding the right lipstick for your lips.

  1. Make your lips pronounced: When applying lipstick, the end goal is to make your lips pronounced. You want your lips to look voluptuous and noticed. I’m not sending you to go and apply lipstick made of neon colours (although I would love to see how that would look on you). But what I want you to know is that, in order to make your lips pronounced, you should pick colours that are a bit contrasting to your skin tone. Those lips need to be noticed, and that contrast is what would make you achieve that.
  2. Avoid lifeless colours: The least lifeless colours will do to your lips is to make them dull. To avoid this at all cost, you can have a combination of bright or bold colours as undertone for dark skinned women. Brown and purple are currently in style and it looks great on dark skinned women. But if you’re light skinned, you should always opt for lively colours.
  3. Test it on your lips: You’d surprised at how a certain colour will look on your lips in comparison to its bottle colour.
    So, when searching for the right colour for your lips, you should consider testing it on your lips first before you’d rule it out. This change is as a result of your lips pH. The pH oxidizes the colour and gives a different colour shade, in some cases almost entirely.
  4. Two is better: It’s nothing new that applying more colour shades of lipstick is more effective than one. This recommendation is peculiar or dark skinned women. Pick two colours and see the unmistakable blend of colours.

With the above tips, you can explore your creativity and create that perfect colour shade for your lips.

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