Here is what Happened to This Kenyan Man After He Was Caught on Top of His Maid By Wife 1

Here is what Happened to This Kenyan Man After He Was Caught on Top of His Maid By Wife

Susan revealed in one of the popular Facebook pages how she got her husband on his maid and the shocking thing she did afterwards…here is what happened.
I wish to burst but before I sink into depression, let me share with you what happened to me last month and how I managed to trap this silly husband.

We had exams in our college—I am a Masters student. My husband was fully aware when I have exams I don’t come home early since we finish classes at 8.30pm.I told him to take care of our house until I come—I also told my maid to prepare food early and keep some in the hotpot.

After I arrived in clas,we waited for the lecture to come only to be told that the exam had been postponed to the following day because the lecturer wasn’t feeling well.It was around 6pm so I said instead of waiting to be stuck in traffic, let me take a lift with my friend’s car and arrive at my home before my kid has gone to sleep.

Immediately I arrived at home, I knocked the door but nobody opened. I thought maybe my husband had gone to the market and the maid was preparing food. When I listened carefully, I heard noise from the bedroom,Aki Joash,stop it,tutashikwa”.My husband replied,wacha tu,kamoja ndio nilale”.When I heard that statement, my adrenaline rose and I almost collapsed. I knocked the door hard and shouted, “what’s happening here? “That when my husband came and opened the door.

I asked why all the noise and he game a lame excuse that he was chasing a rat and the maid was only trying to stop him from running on a slippery floor. I didn’t buy that statement but I vowed to catch them one day.

The following week, that was September 26 I sought for help from one of the people who help couples get stuck in the middle of the act. I had obtained the contacts of Dr Mugwenu, which are:

Phone number: +254740637248

Email address:

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