The most deadliest cancers common in women


The Breast, lungs and ovarian cancers are the most common cancer in women.

It is very important that early signs of cancer should be detected in order to avoid its spread which might lead to an its unrecoverable stage.


1.Cancer of the lungs: I made this first on my list because, with the need for civilisation, more and more women are at liberty to live their lifestyle as it pleases them. I’m speaking this from personal experience. My sister was recently diagnosed with cancer of the lungs and it has being a tiring time for my family. The result of this was her alcoholic drinks and smoking of tobacco. Well, don’t think one can only get infected from smoking. Whether you’ve smoked or not, your exposure to chemicals can be a resultant factor too.


Cancer of the lungs can almost be termed unavoidable. This is because we’re constantly exposed to chemicals in the environment. In order to reduce the risk of being affected with cancer of the lungs, we should never cultivate the habit of smoking. But if at all, we’re smoking, then we should consider quitting. If those around you smoke, then you should avoid inhaling the smoke and you can educate them on its dangers on their health.

If you’re in your late 50s or early 60s and a smoker who is still in good health, it is advisable that you talk to a health care provider. They might have more information to pass to you in relation to your risk of contracting cancer and possibly undergo a screening.

2.Cancer of the breast: Breast cancer has no age limit. In fact, it can affect all ages. Although the higher your age, the higher the rate of contracting it. It is needful to say that since every body system differs from one person to another, the rate might also differ. This is why every woman no matter their ages should avail themselves to know about the risks of cancer contractions and the possible ways to reduce its risk.


The most effective means is early signs of identifying breast cancer. When it is identified early, it will be small and easy to treat. To find out if you have cancer, there should be a regular screening check up.
Women must study their breasts often. This way, they can be able to identify any slight changes. If there are any noticable signs, it should be reported as soon as possible.

3.Cancer of the ovaries: This is also common for all ages. But predominantly in women who have never given birth or those who gave birth for the first time when they’ve passed the age of 35. Those with cancer history in their families are at high risk too. This is why it’s very important to find out about your family medical history.


There is currently no particular screening for ovarian cancer for women.

Although, early signs can be Identified through the following ways;

  1. excessive weight loss and swelling of the stomach

2. constant urge to urinate

3. unbearable stomach and pelvic pains

Once the above signs persist, you should complain to health care providers and suggest a possible test that might be right for you.

In summary, you should take the following precautions as measures to lower the risk of cancer in women

  1. desist from the consumption of tobacco
  2. be concerned and take care of your health
  3. maintain a recommended weight
  4. as women, your alcoholic intake should be reduced to a minimum.
  5. Or if possible, cut its consumption completely
  6. be deliberate with your skin care routine
  7. cultivate the habit of routine cancer check up.

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