Wierld: South African Dancer, Zodwa, Buys Her Coffin Ahead of Death

South African Dancer popularly known as Zodwa, has purchased a Coffin for herself ahead of death.

While many celebrities spend their money on latest ride, magnificent building, designers cloth or spend lavishly in club house, this is another celebrity preparing for her own death already.

Strange as it seem, Zodwa feels less concerned with what people say about her action. The popular dancer shared some pictures where she went shopping for Casket that will be used to bury her.

See pictures below;

Death. Society is so Afraid to talk about Death. We all gonna Die,I made a Choice to Purchase my Coffin while alive. Its worth 150

lol… What’s your take on her action? Share your opinion in comment section below…

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  1. Seriously this so wired

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