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Become a professional blogger, find out

It is quite tedious to become a professional blogger; blogging requires more time and effort. Therefore, becoming a professional blogger means you make a living from blogging.

If your only source of income is your blog, that means you have to do every thing to have a regular monthly or weekly income.

Well it can be quite challenging, because most people who made it through blogging will never put up a detailed post on how to become a professional blogger, because of the fear of competition. They believe if there are more people who are into blogging; it will reduce the level of their own financial productivity. Apparently, this type of post or article is quite scarce online, but if others did it and become a successful professional blogger then you can also become one, it can only be difficult but not impossible.

You probably also know that blogging is one of the best ways to make selling content work for you.

If youre still a novice in blogging, or dont know how to start a business blog, blogging and selling contents can be a little stressful.

Here in this article, we have critically highlighted some useful and essential tips for professional bloggers, so if are you have been struggling with professionalism this field, this post is just for you.


There is a popular proverb which says, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you are a professional blogger, means you will be working extra hours than a part time blogger. For any business to thrive there must be a proper planing. This will help you carve the most appropriate niche that you will make money from.

Anything well planned always come out the best. Therefore, planning is very essential in order to make progress.


Another tip is the business identify in the face and mind of the user. Create a suitable logo for your blog, logo is one of the most important part of a brand, it is what your users see, it serves aso means of recognition for your blog.

Branding builds trust in the mind of the users as people are more likely to purchase from a business that appears polished and legitimate.


Diving into blogging professionally, it is expedient to have clear cut knowledge of online marketing tools to generate more income. Some of the online marketing tools include:

A clear cut understanding and effective use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which enables the visibility of a website.

Good use of Social Media:

It is the 21st century, its no gainsaying that the social media is now a powerful marketing tool as the world is rapidly turning into a digital global village. Social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin are powerful media vehicle that can promote your blog and make it reach more people simultaneously.

Use List-Building & Auto- Responder:

This helps to track visitors who visit your website and help keep contact with them.

Good understanding of analytical software, and how to use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to their best advantage.


If your niche is informative and educating, you like to teach people how to do a particular thing. One picture tells a story more than a thousand words. When writing it is important to have pictures your readers can relate with. It enhances fast understanding and won’t make the post boring.


It is imperative to learn how to express an idea, opinion, value or thought in a simplified manner. People don’t like to read lengthy contents online, so if you can keep your post short and simple please do.


Good writing begins with an idea which is refined into reality. When you have multiple ideas as a blogger, it will be better to save time by building up team of people who will help turn those ideas into reality. Having a team of writers doesn’t mean one is a lazy writer; it increases the level of productivity and saves times as well.


People appreciate new ideas, it is very important to creatively write and publish original and useful contents.


Having a comment section helps you as a blogger to know what your readers wants from you. If also enhances mutual relationship and trust between you and your audience, when they make comments and you give an insightful reply to their comments, it makes them have a sense of belonging and feel important.


For instance if you write an article about someone or the person is mentioned in your post, tag them and let them know. People like to be on the media and will promote such post and blog when they know.


As mentioned in previous paragraphs, professional blogging means making a living through blogging. It is important to monetize your blog as a professional blogger, there are quite a number of ways to monetize your blog, and some of it is listed and explained below:
Google Adsense: One of the nest way to monetise your blog is through google advert. Good to know, you can easily apply and get the google adsense. Though the income might be relatively low but it is regular and constant as long as your blog stays alive.

Selling Advert Space:

Another way to get bucks on your website is through manual advert. When your blog becomes popular after creating good contents, many users will want to advertise on your blog. So they will pay for an advertising space on your blog.


Blogging professionally can be taunting but not and never impossible. Listed above is detailed information on tips to blog professionally, it is imperative to know that you might not be able to use all the tips. However, chose the one that best work for you, there is no arm in trying all of it. Try these tips and share your success story.

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