Nigerians Reacts to Nnamdi Kanu Returning From Dead

Following the Nigerian army’s attack at the compound of the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, since September 2017, the whereabout of Kanu has been a mystery yet to be unravelled until he did a world press conference from Jerusalem on the Sunday 21st 2018.

Before now, the people Biafra and followers of Mazi Kanu’s lead, claimed that the Federal government has killed their leader during the battle of boot and riffles at his home. They accused the Federal government of secretly incarcerating their leader and begged the world power to come to their aid.

As days turned into months and months turned into a year since Nigerians heard from the Biafran Leader, many thought he has either been killed or jailed in a secret prison, and solely blamed the Federal government for the dastard act.

However, it was more like a dead man coming to life on Sunday, 21st Oct when there was an announcement via Biafra FM that the leader of the Biafra sect, Nnamdi Kanu will be holding a world press conference from Jerusalem. The same man people of Biafra blamed is death and disappearance on the present day government.

Nigerians however reacts to the coming of the supposed dead man Nnamdi Kanu;

One Mr Folorunsho Paul based in Lagos, outrightly condemned his act as being a coward. According to Folorunsho, People of Biafra should have learnt their lessons from the time of Col. Ojukwu. The leaders of this sect are always on the run when everything boomerang, Ojukwu took to his heels when his people needed him most. Now Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has done the same thing, his own is even worst. Kanu seems to hold the life of his Dog with much importance than the life of his fellow comrades who paid the capital price with their dear life. I don’t know why we just forget things so quick and when another thing unfold we just swallowed it. I don’t expect anybody to follow Nnamdi kanu again because if anything should happen again, he will just disappear and leave his people to suffer the consequences on their own.

Another Mr Chimobi Akah a trader in popular Oyingbo market Lagos, says Nnamdi Kanu’s followers are Igbos who suffers from joblessness. If they are busy with their work, they will only think of how to make things better for themselves and people around and not helping one selfish leader make his dream come true. I can bet that Nnamdi Kanu doesn’t have the love of his people at heart, even if they successfully breaks out of Nigeria, some Igbos will still be marginalized.

Meanwhile, one Mr John a student from Yaba college of Technology, holds a contrary opinion. He opined that Nnamdi Kanu has done well, if he didn’t abscond, he would have been killed by the wolves of the Mr President (Nigerian Soldiers).

Quoting Mr John..

I believe Nnamdi Kanu is the only Igbo man that can deliver the Igbos from this political alienation we suffer in the country, and the only way he can do that is breaking out of Nigeria and successfully forming the Biafran Nation. When we are on our own, we will rule ourselves.

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