See possible reasons why Ighalo disabled his IG comment box after the match against Argentina.

The match between Argentina and Nigeria has left every one fans of Nigeria in great surprised and as such Nigerians are already making moves for a violent reactions.

The match which was quite tough for Nigerian especially when they where losing one goal to nothing but in a great strive, Nigerian teams made strategic efforts and equalised through a penalty shot that was awarded.

The equalisation brought Joy in the heart of many fans and with this, everyone believed and wait expectantly that Nigerian team would do well to maintain this score that is almost good enough to qualify them into a knockout stage in the 2018 Russia cup.
Argentina later did justice to the match when they scored Nigeria for the second time and the match later ended 2:1.

Nigeia burst into anger knowing there hope and expectation is turned down and they are preparing to react violently with their opinions, views and comments. Ighalo saw this before hand and was sure that Nigeria would want to criticize harshly on players via comments, so he quickly disabled comments on IG to avoids such reactions from Nigerian

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