13 Best Shoes for Toddlers with Fat Feet

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Toddlers need shoes that fit well during long journeys. This post describes the best shoes for toddlers with fat feet.

The things most important to us in our day-to-day lives are finding the best shoes for toddlers with fat feet that fit them best. This is because comfort and stability are important considerations when shopping for footwear for kids. They require the necessary support to learn how to walk the right way. You want the part of the shoe to be clear and subtle, as this could cause problems during development. Because they are the most similar to walking barefoot, flat shoes are frequently recommended for babies learning to walk.

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Watching your child reach milestones like taking their first steps is exciting. Proper development needs to have shoes that are both healthy and well-fitting. However, finding shoes wide enough for toddlers’ feet can be challenging. Toddlers with fat feet require wide footwear to prevent leg pains, especially on long journeys. Here are the best shoes for babies with fat feet.  

Best Shoes for Toddlers with Fat Feet

Saucony Jazz H&L-K Sneaker

Saucony designed it with the idea that young children wear it while running or walking quickly. Climbers, jumpers, and kids who are active will appreciate the ingenuity that went into the construction of these.


  • Huge variety in the colors available.
  • There are two distinct hues available for the midsole.
  • It’s excellent for shoe-wearing kids.


  • These shoes come in a small size.

Peggy Piggy Baby Shoes

These are the best walking shoes to shop for if you’re looking for a fantastic option that won’t break the bank. The bottom is flexible yet sturdy, precisely what you want in baby walking shoes.


  • The sides stretch for easy on/off.
  • The top provides enough pressure for stability and safety. 
  • They’re cheap and high-quality.


  • It can be too tight when your child’s foot expands.

New Balance Unisex-Child 519v1

This item, which you can find in the unisex shoe selection, is ideal for children who enjoy being physically active. Parents who prioritize their child’s foot health will need this shoe.


  • You won’t have any trouble cleaning them in the machine.
  • It is a shoe of exceptional durability.
  • Customers are loyal to New Balance over the long term.


  • The seams may tear too easily.

Stride Rite girls Srt Quinn Sneaker

Because it is entirely made of leather, you can rest assured that it will not disappoint you. Stride Rite has a long history of standing by the high-quality shoes they produce for children.


  • It is of genuine leather.
  • They are comfortable and accurate in size.
  • These shoes are very comfortable for children to wear.


  • It may be challenging to get the shoe on foot.

Stride Rite Unisex-Child Claire

This shoe has existed since our parents were young, and we can now purchase it for our children.  Stride Rite lets you relax while your child plays comfortably.


  • It is the perfect shoe for children to wear to school 
  • The soles are highly durable.
  • Parents frequently purchase these for their children.


  • They are incredibly prone to get scratched.

Balance Kids’ 990 V5 Sneaker

These durable leather and textile infant shoes have tie-up laces. Customers love the high durability that New Balance built into this pair of sneakers.


  • They have a generous fit, perfect for those with wide feet.
  • Children enjoy wearing them.
  • It does not pinch the toes in the front.


  • The color is significantly darker in person than it appears online.

Sperry Unisex-Child Halyard H&l Sneaker

These trendy sneakers are perfect for the little kid with wide feet who wants to go on all the most incredible adventures. The vulcanized bottoms give them high flexibility.


  • It has excellent support for the arch.
  • Easy to dress active toddlers.
  • They’re great gifts.


  • The color is grey, not brown.

K-Swiss Kids’ Classic VN Sneaker

The shoes combine ease of use, cleanliness, and comfort into a single package for the wearer. They are durable, so you can pass them down to younger siblings.


  • There are many colors.
  • On the outside, it is solid.
  • Ideal for teaching kids to tie their shoes.


  • Cleaning may change color.

Crocs Kids’ Classic Tie Dye Clog

Your child will be able to wear the slip-on shoes that are the most comfortable for them. Crocs have earned a remarkable reputation for exceptionally comfortable and high-quality all-in-one packages.


  • Extremely long-lasting.
  • The bright colors draw attention.
  • It is water-friendly.


  • If not sealed, the color may fade.

Balance Kid’s 680 V5

The laces should give as much as is necessary for play. Because of the extra-tight stitching, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child’s shoes won’t wear out too quickly.


  • The children will remark on how cozy they are.
  • Excellent for feet that have a high arch.
  • Because they are so cozy, wearing them helps children with foot pain.


  • The Velcro is a more robust fastener available.

Ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers

These shoes feature designs of various animals, from frogs to panda bears and everything in between. It’s made of high-quality materials, fits true to size, and has a wide-foot strap.


  • The under sole should promote walking on the heel and toes.
  • Excellent service to the customer.
  • Work well for those who wear braces.


  • There must be a better match between the price point and the materials.

See Kai Run, Tanner Sneakers

These shoes will give your child the illusion that he is moving quickly while wearing them. The front rubber caps provide fall protection, and the herringbone design provides traction.


  • It provides additional air circulation.
  • They will develop alongside your child.
  • It works wonderfully for children who have flat feet.


  • The velcro strip wears out faster than others.

Pediped girls Gehrig First Walker Shoe

Provide a dress and play shoe in one convenient package for your child. Pediped’s unisex footwear offers comfort and fashion in a design that considers carefully.


  • The shoes look great on those chubby feet.
  • They are comfortable for infants to run in.
  • Allow extra space for the feet of comprehensive children.


  • The size is a little large.

How to choose the best shoe for a baby with fat feet

Parents only need to adhere to specific guidelines when shopping for their child’s travel pair of shoes designed for walking. Baby walking shoes shouldn’t change how a child walks; they only protect their feet. Their toe boxes should be significant. Put another way, you should only go for something limited. Pay attention to the tips for selecting the best shoes for toddlers with fat feet.


Find durable head-to-toe pieces, and examine the footwear regularly for signs of wear and tear. If one heel wears out faster than the other, see a podiatrist.

Flexible Soles

Walking gives the body more honest feedback, which can improve with flexible soles. This helps muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves, and foot bones grow and fuse into healthy feet.


The ideal pair of shoes will have a flexible rubber sole and a soft or mesh upper that allows air to circulate freely. Look for waterproofing or traction, depending on where you plan to wear the shoes.

Easy to put on and off

Choose a shoe a 1- or 2-year-old can put on and take off independently. This builds the child’s confidence and prevents tantrums and meltdowns.

Wide toe box

A wide toe box promotes baby and toddler foot growth. Baby feet are constantly growing, so we must not limit their growth.


When should babies wear shoes?

Once they’re taking more than a few steps at a time, they go outside.

How much space is between the baby’s toes and the shoe top?

The space should be the tip of the finger’s worth; when there is excessive space, sliding occurs, leading to instability.

How to clean leather shoes?

After you have finished stuffing the shoes with paper and spot-cleaning them with a mild cleanser and water, they should be ready to wear.


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