Lanre Teriba Labels Wizkid As Upcoming Artiste, True Or Just Beef?

So guys, last week famous Gospel act, Lanre Teriba but now struggling to find his balance in the music scene got in the news recently when during an interview, he said Americans see Wizkid as an upcoming artist in their country.

While we all know Wizkid has grown and transcended to international status but people still argue he hasn’t really penetrated the Music market in the USA.

But come to think of it, Wizkid’s collaboration with Drake, Come Closer was ranked the 8th best song of 2017 by BET Music.

Also, Wizkid also featured in one of the biggest songs ever, One Dance which reigned for 18 weeks on the billboard chart, setting the record for the most trending song on Billboard chart and was the best song of 2016.

Judging by these stats and some other records Wizkid set in the USA, is it still right for Lanre Teriba to have labeled the Starboy, Wizkid as an upcoming artist in the US?

In USA, even a whole state (Minnesota) named an holiday in Wizkid’s honour? Incase you’re in doubt, Google Is Your Friend.

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